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iPECS Cloud: a realm where reliability meets innovation. Ensure your business stays connected, reduce waiting times for your customers, and...

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Technical Support Updates – February 2024

*No Technical support update for this month.

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iPECS: the forefront of technological change

Communications technology has transformed in recent decades, from analog to digital to cloud. iPECS has been at the forefront of that change, powering communication for businesses worldwide. Let us make the future together.

NO. 548 | Jul 4, 2023

Technical Support Updates – June 2023

[iPECS] iPECS flash web banners (28 June) [iPECS][PM Meeting 2023] Presentation Materials (21 June) [iPECS UCM] iPECS UCM P4 Brochure and Datasheet (updated) (20 June) [iPECS UCS]iPECS UCS P6.1 Datasheet (7 June)

NO. 547 | Jun 28, 2023

Be there for your customers on any device, anywhere

In the age of hybrid work, how do you ensure you are always there for your customers? Through cloud-hosted communication, iPECS Cloud and iPECS ONE will ensure you can connect with customers on any device, anywhere. iPECS: Your communication solution.

NO. 546 | Jun 23, 2023

Improve quality with cloud call recording

How can you offer great phone service without quality assurance? Call recording for iPECS Cloud enables secure storage and easy access to all calls, allowing you to sample easily and maximize quality. Make every call matter with iPECS Cloud.

NO. 545 | Jun 1, 2023

Technical Support Updates – May 2023

[iPECS UCP] iPECS UCP_Unified6.1_Brochure & Datasheet (30 May) [iPECS eMG100] iPECS eMG100_Unified6.1_Brochure & Datasheet (30 May) [iPECS eMG100] eMG100 – Unified P6.1 MP (R6.1.9) (25 May) [iPECS UCP] UCP – VOIM V6.0Ra (25 May) [iPECS eMG80] eMG80 – Unified P6.1...

NO. 544 | May 26, 2023