iPECS ONE, your collaboration solution

Check out UC Today’s article on how Ericsson-LG Enterprises new collaboration solution iPECS ONE is a Game Changer.

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iPECS insights 2023 – First half summary

At Ericsson-LG Enterprise, we are always striving to share important information with our community of global partners. As in-person events...

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Technical Support Updates – June 2021

[iPECS]iPECS web banners – GIF type (June, 28) [iPECS]iPECS insights 2021 – June edition presentation materials (June, 28) [iPECS 1000i]1000i Series S/W Release(R1.2.2) (June, 23) [System/IP DECT]IP DECT S/W Image (v0530_b0002) (June, 21) [iPECS Attendant]Unified IP ATD V2.8Ab (June, 15)...

NO. 518 | Jun 16, 2021

Technical Support Updates – May 2021

[iPECS CCX Report Plus]iPECS CCX Report Plus v1.1Cb software package (May, 26) [iPECS CCX]iPECS CCX v1.1Cb software package (May, 26) [iPECS eMG80]eMG80 Recovery Image (R5.0.12) (May, 26) [iPECS eMG100]eMG100 Recovery Image (R5.0.12) (May, 26) [iPECS eMG800]eMG800 Recovery Image (R5.0.12) (May,...

NO. 517 | May 26, 2021

iPECS April Technical Training 2021

Ericsson-LG Enterprise held three rounds of iPECS training through webinars from April 5 to April 23 (12 days, 2 hours a day). More than 124 iPECS technicians from around the world participated, and the training session was operated in two...

NO. 516 | May 24, 2021

Technical Support Updates – April 2021

[iPECS API]iPECS Cloud REST API manuals_Issue 1.0 (April, 21) [iPECS]PM Meeting 2021 presentation materials (April, 20) [iPECS Cloud]iPECS Cloud v4.0 (April, 13) [iPECS UCE]iPECS UCE A-UCE-Rls2104-4.3.7 (Android) (April, 7) [iPECS UCE]iPECS UCE A-UCE-Rls2103-4.3.7 Installation and Upgrade Package (Server) (April, 1)...

NO. 515 | Apr 21, 2021

iPECS, Best Alternative to Panasonic Telephone System

Panasonic has recently announced that it will close its business communications business – providing a perfect opportunity to consider iPECS as your communications solution. iPECS offers the best alternative to Panasonic Telephone Systems regardless of whether you are seeking to...

NO. 514 | Apr 5, 2021