Technical Support Updates – May 2024

[iPECS 1000i] 1048ilss S/W Release (R0.1.5) (May 10) [iPECS UCS] iPECS UCS_R6.2.13 iOS Client (May 10) [iPECS eMG80] eMG80 -...

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Technical Support Updates – April 2024

[iPECS UCS] iPECS UCS_R6.2.12 iOS Client (April 2) [iPECS UCS] iPECS UCS_R6.2.32 Android Client (April 2) [Corporate Case Study] iPECS Cloud...

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iPECS insights 2021 summary

At Ericsson-LG Enterprise, we continued to share and learn from the community of global partners through out 2021. Although in-person events are still largely inaccessible, iPECS insights sessions has been continued to be a valuable space to interact and collaborate...

NO. 552 | Dec 15, 2021

Partner Meeting 2021

We are pleased to invite you to our 2021 Partner Meeting on December 2nd at 5pm (KST). At this meeting we will provide an update on our product roadmap for the year ahead and review strategic priorities for both Ericsson-LG...

NO. 551 | Dec 2, 2021

Technical Support Updates – November 2021

[iPECS]iPECS Cloud short video clip (November, 24) [iPECS UCS] iPECS UCS P6.2.5 User Guide (November, 24) [iPECS] iPECS insights 2021 – November edition presentation material (November, 23) [iPECS eMG80] eMG80 – Unified P5.0 MP (R5.0.27) (November, 22) [iPECS eMG100] eMG100...

NO. 550 | Nov 29, 2021

Technical Support Updates – October 2021

[iPECS]iPECS Cloud short video clip (October, 28) [iPECS]iPECS brand video clip (October, 28) [iPECS]iPECS insights 2021 – October edition presentation material (October, 26) [iPECS UCS]iPECS UCS_R6.2.6 iOS Client (October, 21)

NO. 549 | Oct 28, 2021

Technical Support Updates – September 2021

[iPECS ONE]iPECS ONE banner (September, 29) [iPECS Cloud]iPECS Cloud banner (September, 29) [iPECS CCX Report Plus]iPECS CCX Report Plus v1.1Da software package (September, 14) [iPECS CCX]iPECS CCX v1.1Da software package (September, 14) [iPECS UCM]iPECS-UCM Configurator (v1.27) – UCM 4.0 (September,...

NO. 548 | Sep 16, 2021