We Are Ericsson-LG Enterprise

Our Vision

Ericsson-LG Enterprise strives to make businesses excel through world-class communication and
collaboration tools. We are creating a culture of teamwork to transform organizations of all sizes.
We follow this mission because a connected world is a better world.

The Quest For Easy

In a world that is increasingly complex, we are on a quest for easy. We are creating game changing technology that is easy to use, adapt and scale, enabling our customers to capture the full value of connectivity. Find out how our loT, 5G and automation technology stands ready to unlock a wave of new value.

Innovate Technology For Good

We have always driven our technology development with the intention to improve people's lives and contribute to the betterment of society. Whether it was enabling the first phone call, leading the industry on digital infrastructure and loT, or innovating the AI systems of the future, we take active measures to ensure that we are a responsible driver of positive change with humanity at the core.

Company Introduction

Welcome to
Ericsson-LG Enterprise


As an ICT innovation partner, our mission is to enable communication service
providers to capture the full value of connectivity leveraging technology
leadership, global solution, and scale.

We are firmly committed to doing our best to generate sustainable
value for customers, and to continue to lead the industry.

Thank you.

CEO. Patrick Johansson