Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility

Sustainability Strategy


Improve our own sustainability performance

We do this by continuously reducing our environmental impact, deepening our understanding of the business potential within sustainability and by further integrating sustainability in our culture and ways of working.


Provide products, solutions and services so that customers improve their own environmental performance

Our ambition is to be the undisputed leader in energy efficiency and environmental performance to reduce our own and our customers’ environmental impact throughout the value chain. We set ambitious targets, provide our customers with products, services, and solutions aimed at greater energy efficiency, and drive standardized metrics to capture improvements in energy efficiency and life-cycle impacts including product take back.


Enable a low-carbon economy

To promote ICT as a catalyst for change, we actively engage in global policy to address climate change and we also strive to capitalize on business opportunities to drive the transition to a low-carbon economy, from smarter and connected cities and villages to the intelligent grid and sustainable transport.


Enable communications for all

We demonstrate how ICT can contribute to socio-economic development and contribute to the Millennium Development Goals. We build our strategy on sustainable business models and alliances with stakeholders who share our commitment.


Be a trusted partner

We are recognized for high standards of business ethics and manage corporate responsibility business risks to secure that Ericsson-LG Enterprise is a trusted partner among our stakeholders. We fulfill this aim by engaging to address global challenges, and ensuring a robust system of corporate governance which includes the Code of Business Ethics, Supplier Code of Conduct and Sustainability Policy.