Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility

Business Ethics is all business activities which are based on the highest level of ethical standards that all of our colleagues must abide by so that both our colleagues and interested parties can do their job fairly and transparently. In case of conflicts of interest among interested parties, we give priority to our business ethics. Additionally, business ethics is a practical strategy capable of sustainable growth. Shareholders, customers, employees and business partners, competitors, and companies including the state and society; all interested parties prepare for the future of the company based on mutual trust.

Ericsson-LG Enterprise is committed to the highest level of integrity and ethics in the conduct of business. Operating with a strong sense of integrity is critical to maintaining trust and credibility with our customers, partners, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders. All employees consider business ethics as a top priority in our business and management policy.

Integrity Ethics
Trust Creation
Sustainable Growth
Competitive Global Company

COBE(Code of Business Ethics) is a guideline for standard business conduct that all the management personnel and employees shall observe in the workplace. COBE proposes the basic direction of business ethics that makes substantial performance by contributing value-creation for customers and company. Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s COBE is based on Ericsson’s. This designates the responsibility and the standards of business conduct for employees, customers, interested parties and shareholders. We apply LG’s code of ethics considering our culture and systems.

  • Creating an environment of transparency
  • Candor and truthfulness in our dealings
  • Company operation in accordance with the COBE
  • Accountability to meet these standards, from the members of the Board of Directors and the Executive management to each individual employee
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Ericsson-LG Enterprise is dedicated to promoting fair competition. Fair competition is the basis for business development and innovation. All Ericsson-LG Enterprise employees shall compete in the open market as vigorously and constructively as possible, while consistently complying with the law in each of the countries in which Ericsson-LG Enterprise operates. Ericsson-LG Enterprise shall comply with all laws and regulations that apply to its business. Management and employees must be familiar with, and adhere to, all applicable foreign and domestic laws and regulations to promote fair business based on mutual trust for mutual prosperity with customers.


  • We shall work to develop fair and transparent business based on mutual trust and cooperation with our partner companies for win-win projects.
  • All business transactions will occur based on the principles of fair competition with opportunities for all entities to participate. We build trust and co-operative relationships through fair and transparent transactions. Such relationships are built with a long-term perspective for mutual growth.
  • We pursue co-operation with our dealers and vendors in an ongoing effort to promote a healthy trading environment and maintain a fair trading system.
Hotline Operation

Hotline Operation

Ericsson-LG Enterprise operates a hotline to achieve a high ethical standard and realize the importance of the business ethics. it provides ethical regulations and standards that must be observed by all employees and interested parties to solve ethical issues through effective communication. We continuously strengthen our monitoring of business ethics to create a fair business environment for all employees.

Business Ethics Education

Business Ethics Education

Ericsson-LG Enterprise provides on-line education for business ethics and each of us is required to review and follow this Code with responsibility and ethical standards, as well as to comply with all applicable laws and Ericsson-LG Enterprise policies and directives. All employees shall carry out their duties justly to the best of their abilities. We were selected to be an ‘Excellent Win-Win Company’ as the result of working for a clean and fair-trade culture. We uphold the principles of the free market economic system and pursue open competition around the world. Furthermore, we will continuously strive for business ethics and be responsible to shareholders and society.