Technical Support Updates – November2022

[iPECS UCS]iPECS UCS Premium Server Package R6.3.0 (29 November) [iPECS] iPECS Cloud animated banner (29 November) [iPECS 1000i] 1080i S/W Release(R1.0.28)...

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iPECS November Technical Training 2022

Ericsson-LG Enterprise held two rounds of iPECS training through webinars from October 17 to October 27 (8 working days, 2...

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30 years partnership with UK channel partners

In 1991 the first GSM phone was launched in the UK market. This, combined with the deregulation of the telecoms industry prompted a revolution in communication technology in the country. This change formed the basis for the now well-known UK...

NO. 457 | Jul 27, 2021

iPECS insights 2021 – first half summary

At Ericsson-LG Enterprise, we are always striving to share important information with our community of global partners. As in-person events are still largely inaccessible for many of our partners, we created the iPECS insights series of webinars to stay connected....

NO. 456 | Jul 14, 2021

Technical Support Updates – July 2021

[iPECS]iPECS branding videos – part 1 (July, 27) [iPECS Cloud]iPECS Cloud introduction_P4.0 (July, 12) [iPECS UCS]iPECS UCS_R6.2.3 iOS Client (July, 9) [iPECS 1000i]1000i Series S/W Release(R1.2.5) (July, 8) [iPECS ONE]iPECS ONE Overview – video clip (July, 7)

NO. 455 | Jul 14, 2021

Technical Support Updates – June 2021

[iPECS]iPECS web banners – GIF type (June, 28) [iPECS]iPECS insights 2021 – June edition presentation materials (June, 28) [iPECS 1000i]1000i Series S/W Release(R1.2.2) (June, 23) [System/IP DECT]IP DECT S/W Image (v0530_b0002) (June, 21) [iPECS Attendant]Unified IP ATD V2.8Ab (June, 15)...

NO. 454 | Jun 16, 2021

Technical Support Updates – May 2021

[iPECS CCX Report Plus]iPECS CCX Report Plus v1.1Cb software package (May, 26) [iPECS CCX]iPECS CCX v1.1Cb software package (May, 26) [iPECS eMG80]eMG80 Recovery Image (R5.0.12) (May, 26) [iPECS eMG100]eMG100 Recovery Image (R5.0.12) (May, 26) [iPECS eMG800]eMG800 Recovery Image (R5.0.12) (May,...

NO. 453 | May 26, 2021