Over 40 people participated in the PM Meeting 2023 from June 14 – 16 in Seoul, to bring together key stakeholders and product managers from around the world with the goal of aligning product and solution strategies with recent global market requirements.

Ericsson-LG Enterprise CEO, Patrick Johansson, joined the event on-line to welcome the participants. Patrick emphasized the importance of this kind of gathering to share and prioritize our future strategy and goals to move forward in a fast-changing market. He also stressed how much Ericsson-LG Enterprise values joint discussion with our partners.

Ericsson-LG Enterprise Head of Operations, Jaeen Yoo, then echoed Patrick’s sentiments and thanked our partners for joining.


The first session was initiated by HM Lee, head of PLM at Ericsson-LG Enterprise. The theme was hybrid work, including how AI-embedded features can support it. Based on market reports, mobility, hybrid working, and collaboration will be the key priorities for investment in development, to support market requirements.

Ericsson-LG Enterprise global revenue has grown at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10% YoY since 2020. Software license revenue grew at a CAGR of 27%, increasing investment in Cloud development. Ericsson-LG Enterprise Sales & Marketing VP Ahed Alkhatib noted that this is out-performing trends both globally and in Korea.

HM continued, reviewing the release plan for Cloud and the on-premise product road map up to 2024.

Minsoo Park presented the final morning session, sharing information on iPECS Cloud P6 updates and new features in the base architecture, including the API and an increase of supporting site numbers. It is now possible to control iPECS ONE Client and/or iPECS IP terminals on 3rd party call center application.

After lunch, Mingon Kim started off the afternoon session on iPECS ONE P4 updates and new features around UC and telephony, integrations, collaboration, and user experience. Mingon also went through a demonstration of iPECS ONE P4’s new features to enhance understanding.

KS Choi followed with an introduction to iPECS Analytics P4, which has seen huge enhancements of its call center features and business analytics.

Minsoo Park came back to the stage to lead the last session of the day to discuss major areas of focus for iPECS Cloud P7, including built in contact center, UC upgrades, the API, and security.

Every session benefited from worthy comments and feedback, which will help us keep improving our strategy going forward.


On the second day, there were four sessions.

The first session by Symon Park discussed development priorities for iPECS ONE P5. He went through the strategy of iPECS ONE and then continued to lead the discussion for the key development candidates of iPECS ONE P5. There were active discussions around prioritizing the development items from each country.

The next session was led by KS Choi, who talked about iPECS Analytics P5. This involved an in-depth discussion on upcoming updates to iPECS Analytics, including the call center feature.

Symon Park came back to the stage with a subject on MS Teams integration with iPECS ONE.

Next, KS Choi continued his session to discuss the roadmap to adding omni-channel functionality into iPECS Cloud as part of our mid-to-long-term plan to introduce a CCaaS solution to the global market.

Finally, the iPECS family had a group dinner at a Korean barbecue restaurant after all these valuable sessions.


On the final day, we gave an update on iPECS Unified. KS Choi introduced iPECS Unified SW v6.1 and Minsoo introduced iPECS IPCR v3.4.

Nick Milan, CyTrack CEO, joined the PM Meeting 2023 online and discussed the contact center market, before introducing the features of iPECS CCX Report Plus v1.2.

The last session of the PM meeting was held by Jinho Choi on the training roadmap. He discussed how Ericsson-LG Enterprise will open a new training website to improve accessibility.

Ahed made the closing comments, speaking of his pride in the work we do together and the success we share. He then offered his insights on how to build the best portfolio, and how as partners we can win together in the market.

We had a fantastic time with our partners during the PM meeting 2023 and we hope partners also found value in discussing our exciting future.