On Tuesday May 30th we hosted the second iPECS Insights forum of 2023. These monthly webinars help us share important information with our community of partners and are designed to be informative, interactive, and inspirational.  

The theme of May’s webinar was iPECS winning verticals in Italy and Greece. May’s session was hosted by Jeff Lim, Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s Account Manager. He was joined by Silvio Vegliani from Promelit Communications Systems (PCS) and Kostis Nirgiannakis from Blue Technologies.

Jeff Lim started the presentation by highlighting the growth of the global API market. The API market will grow by up to 10 times within the next two years, giving huge potential for business growth and success. At Ericsson-LG Enterprise, our powerful and flexible API, backed by support for third party development, gives us the perfect foundation for supporting a range of markets.

Jeff provided some notable use cases where API integrations have supported verticals, from CRM integration for the automotive market, to iPECS’s integration with ChatGPT, developed by Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s UK technical partner, GetCrisp. These integrations are supported by iPECS’s leading infrastructure.

Next, Silvio from PCS provided an overview of the Italian communications market. There are positive signs emerging from Italy, with more businesses than ever looking to access the benefits of cloud communications. Thanks to the value proposition of iPECS, and the work of the team from PCS, there have been a range of recent successes providing solutions for this market. Multi-site businesses, and those with existing large PBX systems, have been particularly valuable clients during this time.

Silvio introduced some key recent case studies from PCS. This included Seregno and Val Tidone City Halls, which needed better communication between their multiple sites, integration with an auto attendant, and a seamless and reliable migration process. The flexibility and reliability of iPECS made it the perfect solution here. Silvio also provided case studies from the pharmaceutical and automotive sectors, and even Italy’s largest garden center. There was competition across all these businesses, but it was easy to show the value of iPECS Cloud.

PCS attributes its success to a number of key differentiators. The first is that they are a one-stop-shop. Whether their clients require telephony, connectivity or voice traffic, PCS can support them. There is also the brand recognition, with both Promelit and Ericsson-LG Enterprise being known as top brands in Italy.

Next Kostis Nirgiannakis introduced Blue Technologies, a standout organization in the Greek and Cyprus communications market, who are now an established distributor of iPECS Cloud.

Blue Technologies have seen sustained success with iPECS. They have achieved 13% market penetration, by taking a unique approach to pricing and the sales process. They also provided a very tailored experience, taking time to work alongside both the reseller and the end user, and offer a solution, and pricing that accurately meets their needs. With the demise of Panasonic in the Greek and Cyprus markets, this approach has allowed Blue Technologies to achieve consistent growth amongst former Panasonic resellers and customers.

Kostis next introduced case studies that illustrated his point. The first was Lalizas Lifesaving, who provided lifesaving and other marine equipment. The business was multi-site, who were relying on different vendors’ PBXs within each site. Lalizas needed centralized management, and overall reporting of the entire business. An iPECS UCP platform provides the flexibility and scalability the business and their customers required.

The next case studies were for NAMFI, a NATO-owned live firing missile range, and OE in the transportation sector. NAMFI needed more than 700 extensions, with 100% call recording uptime and connectivity, while OE needed scalability to allow for future railway upgrades. These needs were once again provided by the iPECS UCP.

Finally, Kostis introduced the case studies for PPC (Greek Power Co), as well as hospitals and hotels throughout Greece. PPC are the largest electrical company in Greece, and needed a system that would unify over 80 branches. iPECS provided the perfect solution for all these businesses, allowing them to access reliability and scalability for years to come.

Kostis attributes Blue Technologies’ recent success to iPECS Cloud. Cloud has shown a capacity for futureproofing that Blue Technologies’ competitors cannot match. The team demonstrated this at a recent iPECS Cloud event. They invited on-premise resellers and demonstrated the value of switching to cloud, providing the competitive edge these resellers need in an increasingly crowded communications market.

We would like to thank Jeff, Silvio and Kostis their engaging presentation and insightful case studies. We hope to welcome you on the next iPECS insights session in to share your thoughts and learn from our industry experts.  

iPECS insights is a forum where we can collaborate, share ideas and learn best practices to drive success and growth of the iPECS brand and portfolio globally. We will invite subject matter experts to lead each of the iPECS insights sessions which will last for no more than 2 hours and cover a range of technical and marketing focus areas.