On Tuesday June 27th, we hosted our iPECS Insights forum. These monthly webinars are our chance to share updates on iPECS solutions, as well as inspirational stories from our global partners.

This month’s session was titled “iPECS Winning Case Studies in Indonesia”. It was co-hosted by Reggie Shin, Account Manager at Ericsson-LG Enterprise, and senior representatives of our Indonesian partners ITCOMM. They were Robert Hidayat (Sales Director), Stephanus Nuswan (General Manager), and Juntan Pardede (Product Manager).

Opening the forum

Reggie Shin opened proceedings, welcoming guests and introducing them to our Indonesian partners, ITCOMM. The business was a distributor of Panasonic UC and PBX products, before joining the Ericsson-LG Enterprise family.

They are located across Indonesia, with offices on all four major islands. Reggie explained the challenges of operating in the country, with its large population and multiple islands with varying levels of infrastructure.

This set the context for the theme of ITCOMM’s presentation, which was the securing and successful deployment of large-scale projects.

Beginning the presentation

Reggie then handed over to Robert Hidayat, ITCOMM’s Sales Director, who outlined the business’s sales strategy. He explained that their principal aim is to acquire enterprise-grade clients, with four useful tips on how the business achieves this:

  1. Research, through online resources, attending industry events, and telemarketing, with a view to building a client database. He noted the importance of continued self-evaluation to maintain best practice.
  2. Forging relationships by being genuine and authentic. Partnerships should be more than just transactional.
  3. Offer proof of performance through case studies and success stories. Be transparent, specific, and authentic.
  4. Satisfy customers through exceptional service. Then, customers become advocates through reviews and word of mouth.

Then, Stephanus Nuswan, the General Manager, proceeded to discuss specific case studies that demonstrate these qualities. 

Case study 1: PT Kereta Api Indonesia

PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) is Indonesia’s state-owned railway company, with lines, offices, and many hundreds of stations across the country. It intended to invest in transportation options and improving the connectedness of its network. Part of this involved upgrading from analog to IP telephony.

They also had specialized requirements. The stations needed their solutions to integrate with the IP speakers they use for public announcements. Call recording was also necessary, with the ability to identify which extension initiated the call. This was to help with complaint-handling.

Since this is critical national infrastructure, resilience was also a significant demand.

For the solution, ITCOMM suggested iPECS UCP servers at each site, with varying capacities according to the needs of the location.

For example, iPECS UCP100 was adequate for the 629 smaller stations. In larger stations, iPECS UCP600 is required, with geographic redundancy. Airport train stations, the largest in the country, are equipped with iPECS UCP2400 and local redundancy.

iPECS ICPR was also included as a call recording solution, along with a unique modification. ITCOMM integrated it with IP speakers, so that public announcements can be recorded.

To ensure a successful implementation, ITCOMM partnered with Len Railway Systems, a company with high competence in solutions for railway communication networks.

Installations are already in process, and the customer is already delighted with this interconnected, highly resilient solution.

Case study 2: PT Konimex

Next, Juntan Pardedes discussed PT Konimex, a major pharmaceuticals manufacturer based across Indonesia. This client wanted to replace their analog Siemens PBX with an IP system. This was covering factories as well as management and marketing offices across the country.

They also needed to expand capacity from 1,100 extensions to 1,800. This needed to connect the main factory with 3 other factories and 58 sites in other areas.

As with the KAI solution, ITCOMM deployed different UCP series across the to reflect different capacity needs. These were interconnected via a VPN, but with local redundancy built in.

The customer is delighted with the solution. PT Konimex now has a better-connected, more resilient telecoms infrastructure. In addition, thanks to the deployment of IP telephony, they have reduced call costs while increasing capacity.

Concluding the session

ITCOMM took questions from other global partners in a brief Q&A. Dror Boteh Ba El from Bezeq, our Israeli partner, congratulated them on their success and asked whether they had considered suggesting a cloud solution.

Stephanus pointed out that there is limited scope for public cloud solutions in Indonesia due to regulatory limits on SIP trunk capacity. Juntan Pardede, the Product Manager, added that private cloud was discussed with Konimex, but the client preferred the UCP option.

Then, Reggie Shin thanked all attendees for another successful Insights session before concluding the event.

Learnings from the session

We would like to thank Stephanus, Juntan and Robert from ITCOMM for a great presentation. It showed the versatility of iPECS solutions, and their ability to meet complex needs across the largest, most geographically challenging territories.

We hope to welcome you to the next Insights session, to share your views and learn from our global iPECS family.

iPECS insights is a forum where we can collaborate, share ideas and learn best practices to drive success and growth of the iPECS brand and portfolio globally. We will invite subject matter experts to lead each of the iPECS insights sessions which will last for no more than 2 hours and cover a range of technical and marketing focus areas.