On Tuesday July 25th, we hosted our iPECS Insights forum. These monthly webinars allow us to share updates on iPECS solutions.

This month’s session, titled “2023 PM meeting follow up”, was hosted by our Ericsson-LG Enterprise Product Managers, HM Lee, Minsoo Park, KS Choi and Symon Park. This session was planned to provide updates and review what was discussed in the Product Manager (PM) meeting held 6 weeks ago with some of our partners.

HM began our webinar, detailing what the session would cover, including:

  • The topics reviewed and discussed in the previous PM Meeting.
  • Updates on the discussions, and any conclusions drawn from them.
  • How to implement the flexible button and Microsoft Team integrations.

HM reiterated that many of the questions from the PM Meeting will be cleared and finalized by October, when we plan to start the next project.

Cloud Platform follow up

HM Lee handed over to Minsoo Park, who went through the questions related to the Cloud platform and the steps and actions being taken. The topics covered were varied and included answers on areas such as service interruptions during OS upgrades and others.

For each topic or question, Minsoo provided answers or further information as to whether a feature will be given more priority, needs further discussions, or is unable to be supported.

Analytics follow up

KS Choi took over from Minsoo to share the updates and answers to topics raised around Analytics. He expressed that the phase 5 discussions were very good, and adding more features makes us more competitive with our solutions.

Key areas covered included agent reporting, AA reporting, silent monitoring/whisper coaching, billing reports, account code reporting, key observations on call activity, a demo portal, and sending wallboards to a URL.

Priorities and the ability to deliver these products was the focus in making decisions. The demo portal was highlighted as a high priority. Areas which were identified as low priority, not supported, or requiring further investigation was also shared.

iPECS ONE follow up

In the next part of the session, Symon Park took us through the priorities and conclusions regarding iPECS ONE phase 4 and 5 discussions. Questions had been raised in phase 4 discussions about customizable icons, call pick up notifications, QR codes, the display of mobile contacts, and ACD multi-client configuration.

Phase 5 examined a wide range of topics, including flexible buttons, CRM integration for Mac, and user experience. As with the Cloud platform and Analytics, clarification was provided on each topic’s priority status, and any actions being taken.

Flexible buttons

Symon took a more detailed look at flexible buttons, focusing on three areas to be followed up: the requirements, technical details, and take-away.


Requirements included seamless telephony UX for on-premises customers migrating to the Cloud as well as a differentiator for cloud business.  

Key features most frequently used include shared lines, speed dial to colleagues and customers, and programmable keys with feature codes.

After outlining the the technical details of iPECS ONE, IPKTS and SIP, Symon shared the feasibility reviews for shared line features and speed dial. 

Finalization is required on how we can deliver features on technical limitations, and this will take time.

MS Teams integration for iPECS ONE

As the session progress, Symon shared information in the integration of MS Teams. Firstly, the steps to deliver iPECS ONE embedded call control client in ONE P5.

Looking ahead to October

We hope to have clarified many of the topics and questions raised in our PM Meeting, with thanks to our Product Managers Minsoo Park, KS Choi and Symon Park.

The chart detailing all the questions and answers will be shared through later, and we welcome any further feedback for us to refer to at our next project discussion. We hope to welcome you to the next insights session, to share your views and connect with our global iPECS family.

iPECS insights is a forum where we can collaborate, share ideas and learn best practices to drive success and growth of the iPECS brand and portfolio globally. We will invite subject matter experts to lead each of the iPECS insights sessions which will last for no more than 2 hours and cover a range of technical and marketing focus areas.