On Wednesday April 7th and Thursday April 8th, Ericsson-LG Enterprise virtually held its annual Product Managers Meeting. The meeting was designed to create a platform for all partners across the world to collaborate and share their views on how to advance the Ericsson-LG Enterprise product portfolio. The meeting was broadcast twice on each day to account for time differences around the world.

The meeting was split into six sections across the two days. The first was presented by HM Lee and contained a roadmap update about some of the iPECS product portfolio.

One of the most important announcements of the roadmap was detailing some of the features coming to iPECS Cloud 5.0 in Q2 2021. Analytics and Call Center applications are just two of the exciting new services that will come with the update. New features were also announced for iPECS ONE, such as Outlook integration and tablet compatibility, scheduled for the end of 2021.

The second part of the presentation was hosted by Minsoo Park and was centered around taking a closer look at iPECS Cloud’s Ph4.0 and the plans for Ph5.0. Some of the new features introduced in 4.0 are an auto-provisioning system for iPECS ONE, simple call control and a new analytics application.

The third section of the meeting was hosted by Keunsup Choi and focused on updates being brought to iPECS Cloud Call Center solutions. Keunsup explained that in developing these new updates, they focused on creating solutions for both call centers and more advanced contact centers.

The next part of Keunsup’s presentation was providing an overview of iPECS Analytics. Analytics is a tool to enhance many business processes and is fully integrated with iPECS Cloud. Analytics is designed to offer valuable insights for any business, but especially call centers.

Day 2 of the Product Manager Meeting opened with a presentation from Symon Park exploring the success of iPECS ONE in the UK Cloud market, and the new features that will be brought into the platform in Ph2.0.

Keunsup Choi hosted the next part of the meeting which covered the plan for iPECS Unified. KC provided an overview on how many apps, integrations and terminals will be advanced over the coming months.

The next section of the presentation was hosted by Jinho Choi, who introduced new updates arriving to iPECS CCX, iPECS IPCR and new terminals. The new updates arriving include WhatsApp integration, new activity tracking features and more. New updates are also arriving for IPCR, including a redesigned player and scheduled email reporting.

Product Manager Sumin Kim introduced the 1000i series of terminals, including the new premium 1080i terminal. Sumin provided an overview of how the 1080i can improve productivity through its organized interface, outstanding HD Audio and native HD video compatibility.

Okhi Im closed the presentation by thanking both the fantastic series of speakers from Ericsson-LG Enterprise, but also for all the partners in attendance for their feedback and engagement with the virtual event.