Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s Partner Meeting 2020 was held virtually on October 29th to share the latest trends and developments in the global communications market and discuss the strategic priorities to help grow our businesses together.

Taking place over two separate events to accommodate the various global time zones of our attendees, the Partner Meeting 2020 focused on the future of the collaboration market. An exciting update on our product roadmap for the year ahead was provided, which allowed for discussion on new trends and developments in the global market. Strategic priorities for both Ericsson-LG Enterprise and our partners moving forward were also discussed.

The meeting started with a message from Patrick Johansson, CEO of Ericsson-LG Enterprise. Patrick introduced the unique circumstances in which the meeting was held and highlighted the importance of collaboration at this time:

“Welcome to virtualized Partner Meeting 2020, we hope this new format allows us to have a deep and engaged discussion. As many of you heard through the GPC event earlier this week, our market is undergoing significant change. It’s more critical now than ever before that we are aligned and engaged on the changes happening in our individual markets and businesses in order to meet requirements moving forward. This meeting is designed to help us agree these changes and align on the actions we need to take to continue to find success moving forward.”

Following this, Ahed Alkhatib, Head of Sales & Marketing delivered a presentation on the ‘Pace of Change – Supporting Your Transformation’, which was created to assist partners in adopting new remote collaboration practices. HM Lee, Head of PRM, updated Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s Product Roadmap to provide guidance on the new products that will be launching in the coming year.

Following presentations from some of our partners, our marketing, training and engineering teams at Ericsson-LG Enterprise shared how they work together to support our partners in each of these areas.

We offer a big thank to our partners for their continued support. Let’s focus on the future – together.

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