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Thank you for your interest in our webinar, ‘Global Partner Conference 2020’. If you want to watch webinar, please contact us at ipecs.partner@ericsson.com.

Ericsson-LG Enterprise Global Partner Conference (GPC) is an annual Ericsson-LG Enterprise event that is filled with opportunities designed to share the latest innovations, sales strategy discussions and business development. It also provides us with an opportunity to check in with our global partners and find out how iPECS is assisting enterprise around the world.

In an Ericsson-LG Enterprise first, GPC 2020 was hosted virtually and broadcast live to our clients across 34 countries. This new approach allowed us to reach more partners than ever before and the attendance of this conference was the highest ever. This turnout was fantastic to see and is a testament to the resilience and dedication our partners have shown in the past year.

Although sadly without the gala dinner and awards ceremony that normally take place at our Global Conferences, this year’s event still offered great opportunities for partners to gain valuable insights into the innovations that we at Ericsson-LG Enterprise and our partners have been developing over the past year.

Key speakers from Ericsson-LG Enterprise helped to outline some of the greatest changes and shifts in focus that our Cloud and On-Premise platforms will undergo in the coming year. Particular attention was given to the growth that cloud-based telephony has had in the past year, especially in the small business market.

Partner speakers from around the world gave accounts on how Ericsson-LG Enterprise partners have adapted to the changing circumstances we have all had to work around, with some especially exciting developments.

Aside from helpful insights into the changing world of communications, we are also thrilled to be launching a whole host of new products and services in the coming year. The great new services that are going to be launching soon, all of which have a focus on remote collaboration, productivity and useful integrations.

Our CEO, Patrick Johansson highlighted our vision for the future: “Our accomplishments over the past year are significant and many. Our plan is to embrace the market opportunities and build a growth strategy that keeps us competitive and relevant in the future of the enterprise collaboration market. We stand ready to support you and your continued journey with iPECS.”

If you have any questions, please contact us at ipecs.partner@ericsson.com.


Ericsson-LG Enterprise GPC is an important annual event that is filled with opportunities for executive networking, sales strategy discussions and business development. It is also a great opportunity to celebrate our partnership and recognize the success of our peers.