In today’s interconnected world, successful partnerships are at the core of Ericsson-LG Enterprise and our journey as leaders in global unified communications and collaboration. Our partnerships with industry leaders, technology innovators, and channel partners enable us to deliver innovative solutions and personalized service to customers around the world.

Collaboration with partners

At the center of our Ericsson-LG Enterprise community is collaboration. We endeavor to work with our global community of partners and industry leaders to bring the latest unified communication and collaboration solutions to market. The advantage of collaborating with partners around the globe is the wealth of knowledge and ideas we bring together.

What works for one partner in one country could benefit another partner across the other side of the world. We will all face different challenges in our individual markets but together these experiences strengthen the technologies and solutions we bring to the global market. Our monthly Insights sessions are one example of how we collaborate together to help each other.

Extending reach and local expertise

Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s global partner community is dedicated to providing customized solutions and personalized service. We empower our partners to achieve this through training, resources, and support.

Our portfolio of innovative iPECS products and solutions are designed to reach organizations of all sizes, anywhere. As we have already mentioned, our partner community has a crucial role in establishing Ericsson-LG Enterprise as the world’s foremost communication solutions provider. Their localized knowledge and expertise ensure customers to receive the highest level of service and support throughout their unified communications and collaboration journey, no matter their location.

Together, we are revolutionizing business communications for organizations across the world, helping them connect better and improve productivity and performance. iPECS Cloud is foundational to this success, as a best-in-class UCaaS solution suitable for any business of any size.

Driving innovation

Our success lies in our focus on innovation and continuous improvement of the technology and solutions we bring to market. Working with our community of partners, Ericsson-LG Enterprise stays at the forefront of technological advancements and market trends which are designed to improve people’s lives.

Collaboration enables us to develop products and solutions that address emerging challenges in the communications landscape and create exciting opportunities for our partner community, iPECS Cloud is an example of this.

iPECS Cloud: your communication solution

iPECS Cloud is at the heart of our portfolio and transforms how businesses communicate and collaborate. As a cloud-based solution, iPECS Cloud empowers organizations providing them with unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and accessibility. By enabling businesses to have their communication infrastructure in the cloud, they can enjoy numerous benefits.

iPECS Cloud offers seamless integration with other cloud services and applications, enhancing productivity and streamlining workflows. With its advanced features such as unified messaging, video conferencing, and mobile integration, iPECS Cloud enables teams to collaborate effortlessly from any location or device, fostering greater agility and responsiveness.

iPECS Cloud is empowering businesses to embrace the future of communication, driving efficiency, innovation, and growth. This powerful platform is the foundation to many other iPECS solutions, including iPECS Analytics and iPECS One.

Industry knowledge and insights

At Ericsson-LG Enterprise we value our partners and embrace their ideas. It is important for us to drive thought leadership and industry collaboration. Together we create opportunities to connect and share industry knowledge and insights, our Global Partner Conference is one of the highlights of our calendar where we welcome partners to an event filled with opportunities to engage with the Ericsson-LG Enterprise team and learn about new and exciting technology we are bringing to market.

In-person events such as our Global Partner Conference may not be accessible for many of our partners which is why we also host our monthly iPECS insights presentations. These webinars are another way to share valuable information in an interactive and inspirational way whilst remaining connected with our community of global partners.

By sharing insights, best practices, and thought leadership with partners, customers and stakeholders, we aim to create an open and collaborative ecosystem. This commitment to knowledge sharing and industry collaboration shapes the future of unified communications and collaboration, positioning Ericsson-LG Enterprise as a leader in driving innovation and promoting industry standards.

Successful partnerships are key

Successful partnership lies at the heart of Ericsson-LG Enterprise. Our mission is to drive innovation and growth in the realm of unified communications and collaboration. We achieve this through dedication to knowledge sharing and industry collaboration which results in is solidifying our position as leaders in driving innovation and promoting industry standards.

Working together we ensure that we continually deliver cutting-edge solutions and personalized service to customers worldwide. As businesses embrace digital transformation, Ericsson-LG Enterprise and our partner community will continue to address emerging challenges and create exciting opportunities in the communications landscape.