Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) has changed the way the world works.

By combining voice, video and chat in one interface, UCaaS makes communication more efficient. By delivering it over the cloud, it makes it more flexible and scalable.

However, technology does not stand still. Driven by innovation and market demands, technology will always evolve. UCaaS is no different. As the developers of iPECS Cloud and one of the leading UCaaS providers, we are at the forefront of that evolution. Today, we are considering the future of UCaaS technology, and the role played by us and our global partner community.

First, we will look at the development of UCaaS so far.

The evolution of UCaaS – the journey so far

The enterprise communications industry has undergone many changes. Technical innovation enabled the addition of video calls and chat to traditional voice call functionality, to create unified communications.

Improvements in internet connectivity and infrastructure powered the cloud revolution, and the spread of the as-a-service model. Combined, these developments give us UCaaS – multi-channel enterprise communication, hosted in the cloud to deliver more flexibility and enabling a work-from-anywhere culture.  

At Ericsson-LG Enterprise, we have been at the forefront of these shifts, helping to enable the global move towards efficient hybrid work. iPECS ONE, our UCaaS solution for mobile and web browser, is a fantastic example. It offers full UC functionality and rich call-handling abilities on any device, anywhere.

iPECS ONE is a product of UCaaS innovation. As innovators, we understand that the evolution of UCaaS is an ongoing process. Now, we will look at the future of this technology and global marketplace.

Everything in one place: integrations and automations

UCaaS is one of many examples of the as-a-service revolution. With the growth of cloud services, more and more business functions are provided via the subscription model, from CRMs to HR and accounting software.  

As these services are popularized, businesses are increasingly looking for ways to integrate their core business services. There are many existing examples of this, such as integration between phone systems and CRMs, or collaboration services like Microsoft Teams. iPECS solutions have been enabling these for many years.

While these integrations are not new, we expect to see increasingly bespoke requests from users as their awareness of the market grows. It is important to be able to meet these unique needs, which is why we are planning further API releases. These will enable partners to develop unique integrations and enhancements to meet and anticipate evolving demands.

The growth and growth of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already a growing part of the modern workplace. The most famous case, ChatGPT by OpenAI, is just one example, and we are seeing more and more software providers incorporate AI elements

At our recent Global Partner Conference in Phuket, Thailand, we heard a fascinating talk from Richard Knight and Lewis Early of Cosoft about their innovative work with our UK partner, Pragma.

Using the iPECS API, they have developed innovative applications that combine the power of UCaaS from iPECS with AI. These included Engage, a website chat widget that uses AI to automate answers to customers.

This was a great example of the use of iPECS showing the way to the future of enterprise communication, boosting productivity, and helping our partners win and retain more customers.

From change to continuity: the importance of partnership

So far, we have discussed only change – in technological capability, workplace culture, and infrastructure. While these have changed dramatically, some things remain the same. One is the need for partnership. In a globally competitive space, our partnerships give us the edge.

Our most recent Global Partner Conference highlighted this. With attendees from our partner family across the world, the Conference gave us a chance to connect and discuss our shared successes and strategy for the future.

This atmosphere of knowledge-sharing and mutual support was a reminder that partnership is at the heart of what we do. In collaboration with our inspirational partner family, we will continue to connect businesses worldwide.

The future of UCaaS promises innovation and intense competition. Through partnerships, we will continue to lead the way.