Communication is essential for business success. In order to connect with customers and collaborate with colleagues, you need reliable and effective communication technology. Otherwise, efficient workflow will never be possible.

Voice calls are a vital part of this, but video calls and instant messaging are just as important, especially for collaboration. Meanwhile, businesses need to consider how they access these vital tools. With more people working from home and the rise of hybrid work, you need a solution that makes this possible.

Choosing the right technology is essential. Today, we are considering how to make that choice – and explaining why iPECS Cloud could be the answer. We will start with a brief introduction to UCaaS.

What is UCaaS?

UCaaS stands for unified communications as-a-service. We can break the term into two parts. By “unified communications”, we mean the ability to use multiple channels of communication from one platform. Instead of having separate voice, video and instant messaging platforms, you access all of them in one place. This is much more efficient.

The “as a service” model simply means that the platform is a software product, delivered as a cloud service. It is a more modern and flexible alternative to on-premise systems. Before introducing iPECS Cloud, we will briefly explain what this model involves.

How do cloud communications work?

We can contrast cloud systems with on-premise. Traditional on-premise phone systems are hardware, located on your site. They will generally have a limit on the number of users, and in some cases may restrict you to working in the office. You purchase the system either up front or using finance, and are responsible for maintaining it.

A cloud communications system will offer more features, in a much more flexible way. First, like all cloud services it is hosted off your premises. You access it over the internet, which means you can use it from anywhere. Instead of paying a large sum up front, you pay a subscription, normally monthly, for each user. These costs will include maintenance and updates to the software. Cloud solutions are also more scalable, as you can simply add users as required.

This makes cloud more flexible, and so it is no surprise that so many businesses are turning to UCaaS for their communication. Now, we will explain the benefits of our own UCaaS solution: iPECS Cloud.

Introducing iPECS Cloud

iPECS Cloud, from Ericsson-LG Enterprise, is one of the leading UCaaS platforms. Trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide, it offers all the benefits we have discussed as well as many more. We will conclude by highlighting how it meets the most important needs for a UCaaS solution.

Boost productivity  

As a UCaaS platform, iPECS Cloud provides voice, video and instant messaging in one place. This saves the time you would spend flicking between these services, and provides richer communication options. For connecting with customers, you will experience rich call management features, allowing you to set up and monitor efficient call queues with ease on one screen.

Video and instant messaging provide great collaboration options. You can create instant messaging groups for different projects and departments, so that all stakeholders can rapidly communicate and share files in one place. If you need to escalate to a video call, iPECS Cloud allows you to do this in a few clicks.

Work anywhere

With the rise of hybrid work, the ability to work from outside the office is increasingly important. iPECS Cloud makes this exceptionally easy. Users can log in from anywhere with an internet connection.

Flexible working is enhanced further by iPECS ONE, our mobile and WebRTC-powered browser app. This puts the full power of iPECS Cloud into any device, anywhere, so that you can be more flexible and more productive.

Additional features

UCaaS is a great option for almost any business, but many organizations have more specialized requirements. When approaching a new UCaaS platform, it is essential to ask whether it meets all your organizational needs. iPECS Cloud is an excellent example here, because it can be adapted to any business.

For example, it can be integrated with major CRMs. This will allow further productivity-boosting features, including the ability to click to dial contacts. Other optional extras include iPECS Analytics, which delivers real-time wallboards and regular, automated reports showing call-related performance and KPIs. These insights allow you to make smarter decisions 

Resilience and business continuity

Another important consideration is the ongoing performance and security of your UCaaS solution. The features matter, but you need to be assured of security and business continuity. iPECS Cloud offers both in abundance.

For resilience, the platform is hosted in high-quality data centers away from your site. This offers geographical redundancy and significantly reduces the risks of outages. It is also possible to pair with an on-premise platform from iPECS for a failover option, and many of our global partners have delivered a hybrid solution like this for maximum resilience.

iPECS: your communication solution

UCaaS is an increasingly popular way to deliver enterprise communication technology. As hybrid work becomes the dominant model and more businesses place trust in cloud services, it is no wonder.

iPECS Cloud is the choice of businesses of all sizes across the world. To find out more about what iPECS Cloud can do for your business, contact your local Ericson-LG Enterprise global partner.