Growing a business requires efficient and innovative technology solutions. Our goal is to provide communication technology that improves lives and allows teams around the world to do their jobs better.

Momentum for migrating to the cloud has been building for some time, particularly due to the decommissioning of legacy voice services and the growing demand for businesses to provide remote and hybrid working environments.

Changes such as these have escalated the global need for cloud services. Cloud offers future proof, effective and efficient communication, and collaboration tools for any size organization.

Migrating voice communications to the cloud is the future and can ensure organizations efficiently and continuously communicate without interruption, no matter the location of their team.

Why businesses are migrating to the cloud

The cloud services market has grown substantially in recent years, and telecommunications is no exception. One reason is opportunity. Internet connectivity has improved in many regions, providing the infrastructure that makes cloud possible.

In addition, many legacy services are being decommissioned. In many parts of Europe, for example, ISDN and PSTN lines have been removed, to make way for a new era of IP voice. Since cloud voice services are already routed over the internet, this technology futureproofs businesses in those areas.

However, it is not merely a question of need and opportunity. Cloud voice is simply more convenient and agile, especially in an age of remote working. It is accessible over the internet, giving remote workers the ability to connect from anywhere.

If you are considering a migration, it is important to migrate to a trusted platform that suits the needs of your organization. iPECS Cloud, by Ericsson-LG Enterprise, is a perfect example.

At Ericsson-LG Enterprise, we are dedicated to creating solutions that help teams work better and improve how they communicate internally and externally. Now, we will explain how iPECS Cloud, our hosted unified communications platform, can benefit businesses of all sizes.

iPECS Cloud:

iPECS Cloud is a best-in-class unified communications (UC) solution from Ericsson-LG Enterprise. Trusted worldwide, the platform enables organizations to integrate their communication and collaboration tools into one single platform. Voice, video, and instant messaging are all easily accessible to users, and by uniting these in one place businesses are able to boost productivity and improve efficiency.

At Ericsson-LG Enterprise, we are proud to be part of the global cloud revolution and iPECS Cloud is an end-to-end solution that suits any business.

Voice calls remain key to customer experience, but organizations are calling out for advanced options and flexibility with their communications which traditional phone systems can’t meet. iPECS Cloud provides the same reliable and high-quality communication you’d expect from an on-premises solution plus a fantastic selection of cloud apps which will help boost productivity and increase customer engagement. The features and benefits of iPECS Cloud include:

  • Simplified communications on an intuitive and easy to user interface.
  • Advanced collaboration tools which unite teams in an efficient and effective way.
  • Straightforward collaboration allows hybrid and remote teams to connect from anywhere at any time.
  • iPECS Cloud will scale with your business. If you intend to grow, you can almost instantly add more licenses for any new personnel.
  • Freedom to create a cloud environment to suit your needs.
  • Migration can be tailored to suit any organization structure or size.

How to successfully migrate to the cloud

To make sure migration to the cloud is successful, it is essential to choose the right technology from a trusted provider like Ericsson-LG Enterprise. We are proud of our cutting-edge technology and global partner community. Our technology drives the future, improves communication, and connects the world.

There are other key questions to consider. What do you need or want your communication system to do? What are the essential features your business requires? How can your business communications be improved?

Our Ericsson-LG Enterprise global partners are experts in supporting customers to migrate to the cloud, and the iPECS Cloud platform is the perfect solution to boost efficiency, enhance voice communications, maximize agility, and power collaboration across any enterprise.

Working with an Ericsson-LG Enterprise partner, organizations will experience unrivalled support with technology that transforms their daily operations.

Ericsson-LG Enterprise and the cloud

Cloud hosted phone systems and unified communications platforms are becoming the go to option for businesses communication. We are proud to have been leading the way throughout this change and will continue to lead the way with innovate technologies in the future.

As cloud takes over business communication, iPECS Cloud is at the forefront, improving and uniting communications for organizations globally.

To find out more, speak to your nearest Ericsson-LG Enterprise global partner.