Today’s business culture no longer follows the traditional five days in the office that we were all accustomed to for a long time. The evolution of a hybrid working environment has altered how and where businesses of all sizes from all sectors work.

At Ericsson-LG Enterprise, we believe a connected world is a better world, which is why we create solutions to transform business communications and match the demand of businesses that want to create freedom, autonomy, and opportunity within their teams.

More now than ever, business communities work together from anywhere whilst still achieving outstanding productivity and communication.

Together with our global partner community we are helping organizations to achieve great things with hybrid working.

The rise of the hybrid work environment

Organizations around the globe are realizing the benefits that hybrid working offers. In this section, we will discuss the benefits, the challenges, and how iPECS solutions can create a successful hybrid environment.  

The benefits of hybrid work

Hybrid work offers flexibility, both for your business and your team. Growing numbers of workers expect the option of hybrid work, because it offers greater work/life balance. This means that it improves team morale as well as expanding a business’s recruitment options.

Some employees will work better at home than in the office, at least for certain projects that require focus. With the right policies and technologies in place, hybrid working environments can be even more productive than strict, office-only workplaces.

The challenges of hybrid work

All businesses depend on good internal communication and workflow. Without careful planning, hybrid work can make this more difficult. For example, in some offices, important updates are shared informally and in person. If some people are working from home, they need to be included.

Deciding to follow a hybrid working model and implementing it successfully can be two very different things. To maximize the benefits of hybrid working it takes careful planning and execution. Businesses need to take deliberate and precise measures, investing in the right tools and support to achieve success.

Through our innovative iPECS solutions and knowledgeable community of partners, we are enabling businesses of all sizes to achieve successful hybrid working.

iPECS solutions

iPECS Cloud incorporates all the features users would expect from an on-premises phone system and delivers them through the cloud. With one-size-fits-all scalability, our cloud solution expands with any size of business and team, supporting hybrid working environments of all scales.

Our mobile app and WebRTC client, iPECS ONE, offers even more advanced tools to connect teams and enable effective collaboration.

iPECS ONE combines the essential communication tools required for teams to work from anywhere. Voice, video, instant messaging, and file sharing are seamless no matter the time or location. Ericsson-LG Enterprise and our partner community are empowering teams to collaborate and connect effortlessly and adopt a hybrid working environment whilst maintaining efficiency and productivity.

iPECS ONE for hybrid teams

iPECS ONE is the perfect solution for hybrid working because of the key features and benefits it provides for remote collaboration, providing unified communication from any location on a mobile or browser app.

More than ever, hybrid teams need innovative tools to meet their unique needs for communication and collaboration. iPECS ONE, supported by iPECS Cloud offers the mobility hybrid teams require.  Teams are empowered to collaborate and connect quickly and efficiently from anywhere. The intuitive interface allows for seamless interaction across voice, video, and instant messaging, all achieved in one simple click.

In addition to the effortless communication tools, iPECS ONE integrates with well-known CRMs and synchronizes all communications across devices so teams can communicate with confidence in the office or remotely. Projects can be managed simply through tailored messaging groups, allowing teams to collaborate, share files and keep in touch at any time.

Maintaining high standards

At Ericsson-LG, we understand the challenges businesses might face through the evolution of remote and hybrid working environments. Maintaining productivity, efficiency, and staff engagement is a priority for any business. This may seem like a challenge for teams that work from different locations. However, our iPECS solutions provide features to monitor and analyse these key areas of any business.

Call recording and analytics provides organizations with clear visibility of their business, allowing them to monitor productivity and ensure their customer service experience remains positive. This essential insight gives business leaders the peace of mind and overview of their business no matter how their team works.


The way we communicate continually evolves, and changing work patterns drive the need for innovative technologies to address the communication needs of teams everywhere.

As a global unified communications and collaboration leader, through our iPECS solutions we seek to continually improve how people connect. Ericsson-LG are trusted across the world, and along with our global partner community we are supporting organizations to meet the changing communication needs of their teams.

To find out more about Ericsson-LG Enterprise and our world class communication tools, speak to your nearest Ericsson-LG Enterprise global partner.