A connected world is a better world. At Ericsson-LG Enterprise, we are dedicated to improving productivity and performance for businesses across the world as a global unified communications and collaboration leader.

Ericsson-LG Enterprise is more than just cutting-edge technology. We believe bringing communities together to succeed through collaboration leads to achieving great things. More than just communication we not only add value to our partnerships through world class communication tools, but by uniting our global family to share in our expertise, ideas, and success stories.

Driver of positive change

A sustainable and connected future requires an industry and community to work together. To lead in global unified communications, we take proactive steps to drive positive change and create technology that is easy to use, adaptable, and scalable.

By keeping humanity at the core, we create technology which improves lives, contributing to a better society in an ever changing and complex world.

Our global family

Big ambitions and dreams create big opportunities, and the Ericsson-LG Enterprise family is at its best when we bring together the skills of our global communities. Based in over 30 countries, our community shapes our culture. At Ericsson-LG we encourage innovation and seek to tackle the issues that face society and communities around the world through technology and communication.

We achieve this through our monthly iPECS Insight webinars with our community partners and annual highlight events like our Global Partner Conference. Creating these opportunities to collaborate and connect means our iPECS solutions can benefit organizations across all sectors around the world, allowing customers to connect better.

Global Partner Conference

We add value through partnership. And, the success of Ericsson-LG Enterprise is attributed to our global community and shared vision and values in providing world class communication tools.

In March 2023, the Ericsson-LG Enterprise Global Partner Conference was held in our home city of Seoul. This fantastic opportunity allowed our partners to reconnect, host dynamic discussions, and share the latest innovations face to face. This year’s theme #FutureTogether, celebrated our amazing partners and winning portfolio.

The conference saw insightful presentations from across the Ericsson-LG family, highlighting the continued success of iPECS and exceptional performance of iPECS Cloud.

Our Global Partner Conference is the perfect platform to connect our Ericsson-LG family and provide value to our partners unlike any other vendor. Not only does the conference fulfil the opportunity to collaborate but it allows us to share the successes of our Global Partners. We achieve remarkable things together and this is clearly demonstrated through the achievements we witness every year.

iPECS Insights

The Global Partner Conference is certainly a highlight of the year, but we continue to add value throughout the year through our monthly iPECS Insights webinars with our community of partners.

The webinars are an excellent opportunity to share advice, essential information, and success stories with our partners. Each session offers something different.

In July, we followed up on the Project Management session held 6 weeks earlier, clarifying answers to questions raised and highlighting our priorities in the near future.

June’s session provided partners with two inspiring case studies from our Indonesian partner ITCOMM. Partners heard how ITCOMM overcame geographical challenges to win major projects.

In May, partners learned about the innovative developments happening in the UK using iPECS API to integrate third party tools such as ChatGPT.

The first session of the year in April introduced partners to integrating iPECS vUCP with Contact Center and Teams to improve productivity.

These are great examples of how we come together with partners to add value in collaboration, continuously improving the solutions we offer. The benefits are felt all the way from us to our global partner family to users across the world.

iPECS Cloud

We have shown how our collaborative approach drives continuous improvement. This is all rooted in leading-edge technology.

iPECS Cloud is leading the global cloud revolution, allowing our partners to provide a business communication solution which evolves with their customers. Like our Ericsson-LG Enterprise family, iPECS Cloud brings together communication and collaboration, and provides businesses with benefits including:

Scalability – When a business is looking to expand, iPECS Cloud expands with it.

Cost savings – iPECS Cloud eliminates the need to replace or maintain outdated hardware.

Simplified communications – The platform is easy to learn with an intuitive interface which looks and performs the same across any device.

Flexible working – iPECS Cloud will work on any device, allowing teams to work from anywhere with uninterrupted access. With our mobile app and WebRTC client, iPECS ONE, business mobility reaches new heights.

Effortless collaboration – Using voice, video, instant messaging, and file sharing, iPECS Cloud makes working together simple, allowing teams to connect and communicate in a way that suits them.

Tailored to the business – Apps and integration add-ons including CRM, Skype for business, call recording and analytics can be added on depending on the needs of the business.

At Ericsson-LG, we provide the freedom to create a Cloud business to best suit your business model. iPECS Cloud is a best-in-class UCaaS solution, keeping teams connected and communicating from anywhere at any time.

Final thoughts

We become stronger through collaboration. Working with our global partners enables us to continue to provide cutting edge technologies to the market. Our monthly webinars, annual conferences, and project manager meetings enable our community of partners to deliver the best unified communication solutions to their customers.

Together, through our networks, specializations, and ideas we drive success and achieve great things.

If you are interested in finding out more about iPECS Solutions and our global partner community, please get in touch.