In the Ericsson global community, we share three core values: Respect, Professionalism, Perseverance. Our values matter because they have become established within our business over 140 years of history. They are tried, tested and trusted. In fact, our internal surveys show that 90% of our employees feel that our core values are relevant to them. Our global environment means that we can offer our people constant opportunities to broaden their horizons in so many different ways. This means that freedom, autonomy and personal responsibility will always be important parts of the Ericsson culture. We’re supportive, but we also understand that our talented people are always open to opportunities to challenge themselves. So we encourage innovation and experimentation. We want all of our people to be brave, to take ownership of their own performance and to dare to do more. Ericsson is a place where people can do their best. In an organisation of such breadth and such diversity - playing such a fundamental role in how society and technology can integrate in the future - there is vast potential to think big and see ideas make an impact.