At Ericsson, we believe the power of you defines the power of us. We are more than 90,000 people with diverse experiences, perspectives and ideas. It is our diversity and inclusion that brings us closer together, provides the catalyst for innovation and success, and helps us make a difference in the Networked Society.


Our Commitment

Together, we inspire innovation, communication and connectivity around the world. Your personal strengths are our strengths and by embracing those strengths, we deliver high performance—together. Inclusion and diversity are some of the most important building blocks of our company and are fundamental to our culture and core values. In light of the changing global environment, the role of diversity and inclusion becomes even more critical as we remain committed to an inclusive and diverse workplace

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Our Stats and Facts

Our diverse group of individuals, cultures and experiences drives innovation, sets us apart from the competition and delivers high performance for our customers.

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Programs and Initiatives

We work proactively to improve diversity and inclusion. As a part of this, we implement various programs and initiatives to further advance our organizational diversity and inclusion agenda

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Employee Resource Groups

Employee resource groups are our voluntary and employee led groups, created around a common goal to help further our diversity and inclusion agenda. They support, promote and drive a diverse and inclusive working environment and provide the organization their unique perspectives and insights.

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Supplier Diversity

We believe that an inclusively diverse supplier base drives innovation and provides a competitive advantage, creating greater business value for us and our customers.

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