iPECS Cloud: where reliability meets innovation

iPECS Cloud: a realm where reliability meets innovation. Ensure your business stays connected, reduce waiting times for your customers, and...

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Technical Support Updates – February 2024

*No Technical support update for this month.

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iPECS insights 2023 – First half summary

At Ericsson-LG Enterprise, we are always striving to share important information with our community of global partners. As in-person events are still largely inaccessible for many of our partners, we created the iPECS insights series of webinars to stay connected....

NO. 558 | Aug 28, 2023

Technical Support Updates – August 2023

[iPECS]iPECS Web Banner (28 August) [iPECS 1080i]1080i User Guide_SIP (Issue 1.1)  (24 August) [iPECS 1000i]1000i Series User Guide_SIP (Issue 1.4) (24 August) [iPECS UCS]iPECS UCS_R6.2.10 iOS Client (2 August)  

NO. 557 | Aug 28, 2023

Driver of positive change

Positive change is created through a united community. More than just technology, we aim to improve lives through adaptable and easy to use solutions, contributing to a better society in a complex world. We work together for a connected future.

NO. 556 | Aug 25, 2023

Proudly leading the cloud revolution

Cloud services are transforming global business, and iPECS Cloud leads the way. Embrace unified communications over the cloud, accessing enterprise-grade voice, video, and instant messaging on any device, anywhere. Be part of the future with iPECS Cloud.

NO. 555 | Aug 17, 2023

Any scale, any sector, anywhere

iPECS solutions are powering communication across the globe without limits. From startups to enterprises, from the public to private sector, iPECS has the power to connect any organization. iPECS: built to scale.

NO. 554 | Aug 10, 2023