Technical Support Updates – September 2022

[iPECS] iPECS animated banner (27 September) [iPECS UCM] Product manual (S/W 4.0.X)t (14 September)

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Technical Support Updates – August 2022

[iPECS]iPECS banners for digital marketing (30 August) [iPECS UCS] iPECS UCS_R6.2.18 Android Client (11 August) [iPECS eMG100] Unified SW V6.0+...

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iPECS Webinar 2020

We’ve scheduled a series of webinar that would allow interactivity for the critical product/solution areas. The webinar has 3 sessions and each session will be repeated twice in different time zone during 3 days. You can choose the sessions which...

NO. 416 | Mar 24, 2020

Technical Supports Updates – March 2020

[iPECS] APIs & Interfaces for UCP & eMG (Unified 4.0) (Mar, 16) [iPECS] 2020 iPECS Cloud Sales Training (version 3.5) (Mar, 19) [iPECS IPCR] iPECS IPCR_Ver 3.1Ai (Mar, 13) [iPECS CCC] iPECS_Cloud CC v1.0 (Mar, 03) [iPECS UCP] iPECS UCP...

NO. 415 | Mar 24, 2020

Technical Supports Updates – February 2020

[iPECS UCM] iPECS-UCM(Rls2002-02.0.042) (Feb, 18) [iPECS UCP] UCP – MCIM V1.0Ja (Feb, 07) [iPECS UCP] UCP – Unified P4.0 MP (R4.0.12) (Feb, 07) [iPECS vUCP] vVOIMT – 1.0Cd (Feb, 07) [iPECS vUCP] vUCP_vUVM_App_A.0Da (Ker 1.0Ab) (Feb, 07) [iPECS vUCP] vUCP...

NO. 414 | Feb 25, 2020

iPECS Cloud Phase 3.5 highlight

  We are very excited to announce the new version of iPECS Cloud is now ready. iPECS Cloud developed by Ericsson-LG Enterprise is now released to phase 3.5, continuously reshaping its composition for improvement. iPECS Cloud 3.5 is now brought...

NO. 413 | Feb 24, 2020

PM Meeting 2020 cancelled

Ericsson-LG Enterprise cancel PM Meeting 2020 due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in Korea. Following the recommendations from relevant national authorities and international bodies, such as The World Health Organization, it has been decided to cancel PM Meeting 2020 as...

NO. 412 | Feb 24, 2020