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Technical Support Updates – February 2024

*No Technical support update for this month.

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Technical Support Updates – April 2023

[iPECS ONE] iPECS ONE Web SDK v1.2.0 (25 April) [System/IP DECT] IP DECT_Datasheet_2023 (25 April) [iPECS 1000i] 1000i ipKTS S/W Release(R1.4.0) (21 April)

NO. 538 | Apr 25, 2023

Unify communications with iPECS.

Streamline your workflow with unified communications. iPECS Cloud features omni-channel communication on one app, anywhere, allowing you to communicate on your terms. iPECS, your communication solution.

NO. 537 | Apr 25, 2023

iPECS, your partner for cloud communications.

Hybrid work is gaining popularity, but needs the right technology to function. iPECS Cloud is the solution that unites the hybrid workplace, with one collaboration platform available on any device. Any device, anywhere.

NO. 536 | Apr 20, 2023

Be agile. Choose iPECS

The world of work gets more dynamic every year. iPECS gives you the agility you need to keep up, offering unified communications on any device, anywhere. iPECS: more agile, more flexible.

NO. 535 | Apr 18, 2023

Solve your communication challenges with iPECS

Every business needs to maximize efficiency. iPECS communication solutions provides the tools required to solve those challenges and thrive. Boost efficiency with iPECS.

NO. 534 | Apr 13, 2023