iPECS Cloud: where reliability meets innovation

iPECS Cloud: a realm where reliability meets innovation. Ensure your business stays connected, reduce waiting times for your customers, and...

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Technical Support Updates – February 2024

*No Technical support update for this month.

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Elevate customer experience in 2024

In the era of social media and online reviews, customer service is a public record. Businesses value customer experience more than ever. With communication technology like iPECS Cloud, we empower businesses to create exceptional customer experiences, making it a competitive...

NO. 568 | Jan 18, 2024

Communicate with Confidence

Communication is at the heart of any business. Our iPECS technologies are the perfect solutions for seamless and effortless communication. iPECS Cloud’s one-size-fits-all scalability meets the need of any business. Combined with iPECS ONE, hybrid teams are equipped with the...

NO. 567 | Dec 19, 2023

Technical Support Updates – December 2023

No update this month.

NO. 566 | Dec 18, 2023

iPECS insights – 2023 Summary

At Ericsson-LG Enterprise, we are always striving to share important information with our community of global partners. As in-person events are still largely inaccessible for many of our partners, we created the iPECS insights series of webinars to stay connected....

NO. 565 | Dec 18, 2023

Evolving work environments.

Work environments have never been more flexible. Our solutions empower teams to embrace effective communication no matter their employees’ location. Working from the office or home has never been simpler. iPECS Cloud, supporting hybrid teams around the globe.

NO. 564 | Dec 12, 2023