iPECS, Best Alternative to Panasonic Telephone System

Panasonic has recently announced that it will close its business communications business – providing a perfect opportunity to consider iPECS...

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PM Meeting 2021

Welcome to Product Managers Meetings 2021! As part of our Product Management strategy, we have scheduled a series of webinars...

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Technical Support Updates – December 2020

[iPECS IPCR] iPECS IPCR(Call Recording)_P3_Issue 2.8 (December, 11) [iPECS eMG100] eMG100 – Unified P4.0 MP (R4.0.47) (December, 11) [iPECS IPCR] iPECS IPCR P3.2 Introduction (December, 9) *Access grants to the technical support materials are limited to iPECS partners only.

NO. 315 | Dec 18, 2020

2020 November iPECS Technical Training

Ericsson-LG Enterprise held iPECS Training Webinar from November 3rd to November 20th virtually. Due to the continued influence of COVID-19, the company prepared for education in a more advanced form than in the first half of the year, and as...

NO. 314 | Nov 25, 2020

Technical Support Updates – November 2020

[iPECS] iPECS insights November edition presentation materials (November, 25) [iPECS eMG100] iPECS eMG100_Unified 4.1_Datasheet (November, 25) [iPECS eMG800] iPECS eMG800_Unified 4.1_Datasheet (November, 25) [iPECS UCP] iPECS UCP_Unified 4.1_Brochure (November, 25) [iPECS UCP] iPECS UCP_Unified 4.1_Datasheet (November, 25) [iPECS One] iPECS...

NO. 313 | Nov 24, 2020

Technical Support Updates – October 2020

[iPECS IPCR] iPECS IPCR_Ver 3.2Ac (October, 23) [iPECS 1000i] 1000i Series User Guide (Issue 1.1) (October, 22) [iPECS CCX Report Plus] iPECS CCX Report Plus v1.1Bb software package (October, 21) [iPECS UCE] iPECS UCE A-UCE-Rls2010-4.3.4 (PC & Android & iOS) (October, 21)...

NO. 312 | Oct 27, 2020

Technical Support Updates – September 2020

[iPECS vUCP] iPECS vUCP Product manuals (SW 4.1.x) (September, 25) [iPECS eMG80] iPECS eMG80 Product manuals (SW 4.1.x) (September, 25) [iPECS eMG100] iPECS eMG100 Product manuals (SW 4.1.x) (September, 25) [iPECS eMG800] iPECS eMG800 Product manuals (SW 4.1.x) (September, 25)...

NO. 311 | Sep 17, 2020