Technical Support Updates – January 2023

  [iPECS UCS] iPECS UCS_R6.2.21 Android Client (26 January) [iPECS UCP] UCP GWs (17 January) [iPECS eMG80] eMG800 - Unified P6.0...

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Take part in Ice Bucket Challenge

Will Morey – Commercial Director of Pragma, Ahed Alkhatib – the head of International sales of Ericsson-LG Enterprise and JR Lee – the CEO of Ericsson-LG Enterprise, pour a bucket of ice water over his head at 28th August as...

NO. 381 | Aug 30, 2014

Ericsson-LG Enterprise in Korean wave

Ericsson-LG Enterprise IP Phones appear on the popular Korean TV drama ‘3 days’. The plot of the drama is that occurs in three days between secret service agents in the Blue House. The South Korean President travels to a villa...

NO. 380 | Mar 31, 2014