On Tuesday 28th of September, we hosted the seventh iPECS insights Forum of 2021. These monthly webinars help us share important information with our community of partners and are designed to be informative, interactive, and inspirational.

September’s edition of Insights was hosted by Ericsson LG’s Head of Sales and Marketing, Ahed Alkhatib. September’s insights was designed as an ‘open mic’ session. Global Partners could ask questions to both product and technical specialists from Ericsson-LG as well as their fellow global partners.

A session like September’s insights is so important because of the changing landscape of the communication industry today. Due to global uncertainty caused by Covid-19 and other factors, such as competitors leaving and joining the market, there is a huge amount that we can learn from each other.

Ahed began by explaining that these sessions have such an immense value due to the fact that we often view the world as a global macro. The reality is that every market is nuanced and unique, and the more we understand the nuances of each market, the better developments we can make moving forward.

The collaboration across the session was hugely positive with partners from around the globe providing intuitive solutions to some of the most difficult challenges in our industry. From how to help businesses make the transition to the cloud, how to successfully market telephony to a business environment that has heavily adopted web-based collaboration software.

During the session, contributors from around the world provided some fantastic insights. Our UK partner gave us an insight into the UK’s take-up of iPECS ONE and the innovation in their cloud market. Partners from Italy and Turkey provided valuable feedback around the adoption of cloud in their market too and where they see improvements being made. Our Australia and US partners also shared their market situation and general perception of on-premises to Cloud business. 

We heard from Singapore where the rise and fall of various competitors are presenting new opportunities for the unique proposition of the iPECS portfolio in this rapidly changing market.

Finally, we heard about how different markets are responding to the pandemic. From countries who have seen huge adoption of cloud, to those who have seen businesses hesitate to change. This feedback has been incredibly valuable.

We are grateful to all the partners who contributed and gave feedback during this session. We hope that it has helped others to prepare strategy moving forward, and it also provided us here at Ericsson-LG with an excellent way to gather feedback that can be addressed during our Global Partner Conference next February.


The next iPECS insight session will be hosted in October. We hope to welcome you then to share your thoughts and learn from our industry experts.


iPECS insights is a forum where we can collaborate, share ideas and learn best practices to drive success and growth of the iPECS brand and portfolio globally. We will invite subject matter experts to lead each of the iPECS insights sessions which will last for no more than 2 hours and cover a range of technical and marketing focus areas.