On Tuesday 24th of August, we hosted the sixth iPECS insights Forum of 2021. These monthly webinars help us share important information with our community of partners and are designed to be informative, interactive, and inspirational.

August’s edition of insights was hosted by Ericsson-LG Enterprise Sales Engineer, Hangsuk Cho. The meeting centered around the updates that have arrived to the iPECS Unified 5.0, the new features coming in version 6.0.

iPECS Unified 5.0 launched in May 2021, and has provided a range of new functionality. One of the greatest changes is the enhancement of the iPECS vUCP, allowing businesses to access all the benefits of the iPECS UCP system, on an entirely virtualized system. iPECS Unified 5.0 features a zero cost iPECS vUCP trial for 90 days with every feature supported, allowing customers to understand the full benefit of the iPECS vUCP, before they invest.

iPECS Unified 5.0 also allows for double the iPECS vUCP instances to be hosted on a single server, making it far easier and more cost-effective for partners to host this service for their customers. iPECS vUCP also new features Hybrid Geo-Redundancy, allowing for better backups to be provided if cloud or internet services are unavailable.

A variety of updates also arrived to the iPECS range of applications in Unified 5.0. Updates center around four key categories, Integration, UX, Security and Management.

This range of updates includes the iPECS UCS app now being supported on Android and iOS devices and IP Attendant now supporting monitoring of up to 100 extensions. New integrations and features are also now available for the iPECS CCX and iPECS IPCR.

Perhaps the most important launch coming with iPECS Unified 5.0 is the arrival of the iPECS 1080i, Premium Gigabit video IP Phone. The iPECS 1080i features built-in WiFi, data connectivity, and is the first business phone to feature Android 10 support. With iPECS Unified 5.0, the 1080i, along with the 1040i and 1050i  will now support call control through a USB headset.

We are incredibly happy with the launch of iPECS Unified 5.0 and are excited to bring the great new services included in iPECS Unified 6.0 to all our global partners in 2022.

The next iPECS insight session will be hosted in September. We hope to welcome you then to share your thoughts and learn from our industry experts.

iPECS insights is a forum where we can collaborate, share ideas and learn best practices to drive success and growth of the iPECS brand and portfolio globally. We will invite subject matter experts to lead each of the iPECS insights sessions which will last for no more than 2 hours and cover a range of technical and marketing focus areas.