On Tuesday 27th of April, we hosted the third iPECS Insights Forum of 2021. These monthly webinars help us share important information with our community of partners and are designed to be informative, interactive and inspirational.

Partners were welcomed to April’s webinar by Hyoungmin Lee, Head of Product line management at Ericsson LG Enterprise. April’s session was designed as a follow-up webinar to the 2021 Product Managers Meeting, to answer the key questions raised by partners during the event. Hyoungmin began the presentation by answering questions asked by partners during the Partner Meeting that related to the new iPECS ONE platform.

April’s insights session acted as a way for Channel partners to further collaborate and share their views with the Ericsson-LG Enterprise team, and gave our team a platform to clarify the updates coming to the iPECS portfolio soon.

Keunsup Choi answered questions relating to the new iPECS Analytics platform. This included a discussion as to how the Analytics platform will evolve into its P3 version. Keunsup also responded to questions around the iPECS Unified platform.

Minsoo Park handled enquiries relating to iPECS Cloud. These included technical questions relating to features such as Call Recording integration. It also provided Minsoo with an opportunity to provide more insight as to the new features coming in P5 of iPECS Cloud, as well as more of the changes coming in P3 of iPECS ONE.

Symon Park further elaborated on some of the new changes coming in iPECS ONE P3, including updates on new ACD Agent Features coming to iPECS ONE’s web client. Symon also provided an overview of how iPECS ONE can work for receptionists. iPECS ONE works well alongside ACD agent features to function as a comprehensive receptionist tool.  

The next section of the presentation was hosted by Jinho Choi and related to questions involving the CCX and IPCR platforms. This included plans for including SNMP features in the new 3.3 update, and IVR modules, which are included in the current version.

The final portion of questions were related to the new range of iPECS terminals. These questions were answered by Sumin Kim. These included questions around the 1080i terminal’s Android 10 support. There were also questions relating to language support of the 1080i, Sumin was pleased to announce that alongside the 1080i’s range of language options, it will also include Italian and Russian support.

We are glad that despite not being able to meet in person due to Covid-19, we could still collaborate alongside our channel partners through events such as this. The next iPECS insight session will be hosted in May. We hope to welcome you then to share your thoughts and learn from our industry experts.


“iPECS insights is a forum where we can collaborate, share ideas and learn best practices to drive success and growth of the iPECS brand and portfolio globally. We will invite subject matter experts to lead each of the iPECS insights sessions which will last for no more than 2 hours and cover a range of technical and marketing focus areas.”