The unprecedented challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic have prompted a shift in the way people work. The role of the office is changing, and the traditional 9-5 routine may be a thing of the past for many workers.

In this blog post we will explore the shifting trends of modern business and discuss what you can do to put your firm in the best position to succeed in the future. 


The future of work is flexible.

It’s undeniable that flexible and remote work have enormous benefits for staff morale and even productivity. These benefits are multiplied by deploying the right communications system to enable remote access.

iPECS ONE lets staff sign in to your business communications system from any available internet connection. This makes keeping in touch with remote workers, mobile staff and satellite offices simpler than ever before.

With every staff member across your business connected to one central communications system, iPECS ONE promotes smooth collaboration and allows teams to share the workload between your offices.

Lean business

As the world starts to move towards a gig economy, many larger businesses are employing more contractors and freelancers to fill temporary skills gap.

This approach creates a lean, agile business that can respond quickly to shifting demand. Unified Communications tools like iPECS ONE allow you to connect temporary staff to their colleagues easier than ever before.

Hardware can be provisioned in a single click from a dropdown, or staff can download a simple app for their smartphone and be up and running in seconds.

The iPECS product portfolio provides unmatched auto-provisioning systems, using proprietary protocols to make configuring a handset or smartphone app as simple as selecting the device from a dropdown menu.

Simplify your suite of tools

A recent survey has found that the majority of workers aged 18 to 25 use multiple separate tools for communications.

This disjointed approach was acceptable when the only communication tools you had were a deskphone and an email account. Add instant messaging, video calling and screen sharing into the mix and this spreads the business communications experience across 5 or 6 separate apps and devices.

Understandably this isn’t ideal. iPECS ONE unifies your communication tools, ensuring your staff only ever have one app to sign in to. By combining all of your tools into one Cloud suite, iPECS increases the effectiveness of each of them. Launch a video call from an IM chat. Share your screen with colleagues in just a few clicks.

Hardware independence

Cut the cord by moving to the Cloud. For the vast majority of businesses, Cloud services are far more efficient, simple and cost-effective to use than complex on-site hardware.

The flexibility of a Cloud service cannot be matched by on-site solutions. Cloud communications systems like iPECS ONE shift the responsibility for maintenance, upgrades and security management to your service provider. This eliminates the need for a costly service contract at the same time as boosting your system’s availability. iPECS ONE is hosted in a highly resilient global network, isolating every user against hardware failures. 

Re-think the office

Office organization is changing, could yours be better laid out to promote collaboration?

Throughout the pandemic it’s been clear that with the right technology, staff can work as effectively from home as they have done in a traditional office environment.

It would therefore be sensible to re-consider what the office can bring to businesses in an increasingly flexible and remote world.

Thanks to revolutionary systems such as iPECS Cloud, there’s no longer any need to design an office around your technical systems. This is already giving businesses far more freedom than on-site systems, allowing them to transition away from the traditional desk and cubicle model.

With remote and flexible working set to continue in some capacity, desk space may not even be needed for every member of staff. Forward-thinking businesses are instead providing staff with laptops and other portable devices to work from. Combining this with a stronger focus on meeting and co-working spaces in your office promotes close collaboration among staff.

iPECS ONE is at the forefront of this transformation, providing state-of-the-art video conferencing, file-sharing and screen-sharing features to make collaboration easy.


With flexibility, agility and availability at the core of every modern business, iPECS ONE is the perfect addition. Simplify your suite of communications tools, promote simple collaboration and never miss another customer call by deploying iPECS in your business. Read our website to find out more.