Over the last few years, businesses around the world have been working towards a digital transformation by deploying Cloud technology. Digital transformation is the process of migrating from locally hosted or on-site technical solutions and towards a fully Cloud-enabled suite.

Digital transformation can bring a huge number of benefits to you. But where do you start? We believe your digital transformation should begin with the system that lies at the very core of your customer-facing and internal operations; your communications platform.

In this blog post we will discuss a few of the benefits of Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s iPECS Cloud and iPECS ONE solutions, and how they can enable a digital transformation in your business. 

Mobility and Accessibility

Access iPECS Cloud and iPECS ONE from anywhere.

iPECS solutions promote enterprise-grade mobility across your organization, putting all the power of your office communications system at the fingertips of your remote and mobile workforce.

Cloud solutions, and in particular the revolutionary WebRTC technology of iPECS ONE, enable true hardware independence. iPECS ONE delivers all the best-in-class features of iPECS to your users in their web browsers.

This makes it simple to introduce in-demand benefits like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies and flexible working in your business without any concerns about device compatibility or support. 

Unmatched Flexibility

Cloud communication solutions can work from any device and any internet connection. They do more than any other service to promote flexible working around your business.

Many businesses have found throughout the pandemic that working away from the office has resulted in little to no impact on productivity. At the same time, flexible and remote working policies can create an enormous improvement to staff morale and the all-important work-life balance.

It’s not just your employees that benefit from flexible and remote working. The rise of cloud video conferencing systems like those included with iPECS has resulted in a massive reduction in the amount of business travel. While it is clear that in-person meetings are still crucial, it’s equally apparent that businesses stand to save time and money by making use of video conferencing wherever possible. 

Promote Collaboration

iPECS Cloud and iPECS ONE combine all business collaboration tools into one Unified Communications service.

By itself this is enough to transform workflows in your business. When you consider that iPECS Cloud and iPECS ONE both deliver these services to any device over any connection, you’ll realize why iPECS is revolutionary.

Integrating all communication tools into one simple service ensures that your staff always have easy access to the best tools for the job. Start an ad-hoc video call in a single click from an instant message chat. Demonstrate concepts or ideas with one-click screen-sharing, and ultimately improve customer outcomes with enhanced internal communication. 

Enterprise-grade Reliability

Cloud systems represent a paradigm shift in the way businesses think about their business tools.

Reliability and high availability are no longer the reserve of large enterprise with the budget and manpower to deploy and maintain costly hardware.

Cloud services like iPECS Cloud have shifted responsibility for server upgrades, security and maintenance to service providers. This brings enterprise-grade availability and reliability to businesses of all sizes.

iPECS Cloud and iPECS ONE are hosted in first-class datacenters around the world. The proprietary security protocols used by Ericsson-LG Enterprise encrypt all data, protecting users against any unwanted attention. Similarly, the global redundancy of the iPECS Cloud network protects all iPECS Cloud and iPECS ONE users from localized issues or hardware failures at any data center. 

Responsive Expandability

Completing a digital transformation in your business revolutionizes availability, accessibility and flexibility for all users, but what about operational benefits for management?

Both iPECS Cloud and iPECS ONE include one-click provisioning features that make onboarding and expansion simple. Unlike older on-site systems you may be used to, iPECS solutions impose no limitations on scale. If you need a new user, simply press ‘Add’.

On-site solutions are often designed to suit smaller businesses or larger multi-site operations, but rarely both. iPECS Cloud and iPECS ONE eliminates this potential problem, growing with your business as it expands. 

Intelligent Integrations

Traditionally, business communication tools have been operated in their own individual environment, having little to no interaction or integration with each other.

As we’ve discussed, Unified Communications platforms like iPECS Cloud and iPECS ONE have combined all communication tools into one package, but there’s more to their capabilities. Advanced API integrations can link your communications platform with your CRM or any other management software for the first time. This helps to create a holistic suite of tools that together provide more value than the sum of their parts.

iPECS integrations bring phone system functionality to a customer relationship management package. Advanced features like screen-popping, click-to-dial and database integrations put information at your staffs’ fingertips, helping them improve customer outcomes and transform efficiency.


Advanced integrations and unmatched flexibility make iPECS solutions the ideal core of your digital transformation. Starting with iPECS ensures your staff have the tools they need to make the most of every other Cloud service in use around your business.