Maintaining and improving business efficiency is crucial to success in challenging times. Businesses around the world are looking for ways to improve efficiency, boost productivity and promote collaboration. Unifying your communications with iPECS is the ideal solution.

iPECS brings an unmatched mix of features, cost-effectiveness and reliability to help businesses thrive in any situation. Bringing about a digital transformation in your business is made simpler than ever, giving your staff the opportunity to work anywhere, at any time.

How to make remote working more viable?

Flexible working is key for any business looking to upgrade their communications systems. With applications available on PC and all mobile platforms, iPECS gives your staff access to all the communications tools they use in the office while working from home. Screen and file sharing features bridge the physical distance between staff, helping them to work remotely with greater efficiency.

Replicating the feel and working atmosphere of an office is challenging when working remotely. Staff often feel isolated from their colleagues, which can lead to a reduction in both output and morale. iPECS includes an advanced presence panel and one-click instant messaging, minimizing isolation and ensuring that your colleagues are available.

Video meetings and conferences bring your staff closer together. Being used extensively throughout periods of lockdown, the video features included with iPECS are the most powerful remote productivity tools around. Hosting a team meeting every morning over video keeps staff on track and gives an open forum for discussion and strategy.

How can iPECS integrate with your existing services?

The best communications systems integrate with your existing software and services, helping your staff perform their tasks without changing workflows. iPECS is no different; native integrations with a wide array of third-party applications unlock simple yet hugely powerful features such as click to dial and screen popping.

It may take your agents less than a minute to dial a number or locate a customer’s details, but when they’re taking and making dozens or even hundreds of calls a day, this time adds up. iPECS and its valuable integrations maximizes the amount of time your staff stay on-task, improving business efficiency by getting answers to your customers sooner.

Which iPECS applications can help your business?

Specialist businesses, such as call or contact centers, need specialist tools to operate successfully. Maintaining productivity in such a busy environment while working remotely has traditionally been difficult. iPECS can be used from anywhere without impacting functionality, and powerful modules for stats and analytics reassure your management staff that their teams are working well.

View daily call stats for yourself, your team or your whole business with a powerful and fully customizable wallboard. Displaying metrics like average answer time, number of calls waiting, missed and abandoned calls can give a huge boost to both productivity and accountability.

iPECS Attendant is a desktop application that gives a visual overview of live calls on your system. Featuring time-saving call handling features, iPECS Attendant also works as a full-featured Property Management System for hospitality businesses. Manage reservations, add new bookings and handle call flows from one application.

How can multi-site business benefit from Unified Communications?

Managing businesses running across multiple offices is a challenge. It often means spending your time travelling between sites, sapping hours from your workday. iPECS, particularly iPECS Cloud, have been designed to work seamlessly across your premises, connecting teams previously separated by distance or technology.

The unique modular architecture of iPECS lets you connect separate systems on each of your sites, without needing any time consuming re-configuring or training. Connecting all staff to the same central phone system promotes cross-site collaboration, helping to share the workload fairly. This also saves greatly on maintenance costs and allows for more efficient resource allocation throughout your business.


With home and remote working disrupting workflows across the business world, there’s never been a better time to think about how you could use technology to gain back lost productivity, improve morale and promote business efficiency. iPECS represents the latest in unified communications technology, helping your business compete in a changing world.