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iPECS Cloud: a realm where reliability meets innovation. Ensure your business stays connected, reduce waiting times for your customers, and...

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Technical Support Updates – February 2024

*No Technical support update for this month.

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Telkom Business PABX Cloud offering powered by Ericsson-LG Enterprise iPECS Cloud solution

Ericsson-LG Enterprise iPECS communication solutions allow reliable collaboration & connectivity for business of all sizes. Telkom South Africa is able to offer its customers a rich communication experience using an architecture best suited to their requirements. Learn about Telkom Business...

NO. 458 | Oct 20, 2021

Telkom launched iPECS Cloud to deliver UCaaS in South Africa

We are delighted to announce that Telkom Business South Africa has selected Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s iPECS Cloud platform to deliver UCaaS to Enterprises in the South African market! Ericsson-LG Enterprise is very excited to extend our successful partnership with Telkom South...

NO. 457 | Oct 19, 2021

Is your business continuity plan up to date?

With many new technologies having reached maturity recently, it could well be time to revisit your business continuity and disaster recovery plans. Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s Cloud communication solutions can provide an instant upgrade to your business’s ability to survive and thrive...

NO. 456 | Oct 14, 2021

The future of work is flexible

Supporting flexible working is a key requirement for the communications systems in use in modern businesses. Whether this means providing simple hot-desking features, powerful apps that enable BYOD, or advanced remote access from any internet connection, the answer is the...

NO. 455 | Oct 12, 2021

Cloud communications systems are transforming workflows across the business world

Whether you are in health care, education, government, retail, or manufacturing, your organization must tap into the power of video-enabled workflows to transform business processes, drive innovation, and create entirely new markets. Impress your clients and improve your internal processes...

NO. 454 | Oct 4, 2021