iPECS ONE, your collaboration solution

Check out UC Today’s article on how Ericsson-LG Enterprises new collaboration solution iPECS ONE is a Game Changer.

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iPECS insights 2023 – First half summary

At Ericsson-LG Enterprise, we are always striving to share important information with our community of global partners. As in-person events...

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Technical Supports Updates – June 2020

Technical supports updated for June 2020.   [iPECS ACB] iPECS ACB intro (June, 26) [iPECS UCP]  iPECS UCP Configurator – Unified 4.0 (v1.44V) (June, 19) [iPECS vUCP] iPECS UCP Configurator – Unified 4.0 (v1.44V) (June, 19) [iPECS RCCV iPECS RCCV...

NO. 498 | Jun 22, 2020

The new normal calls for new marketing approach

Ericsson-LG Enterprise is recognizing the reactive trend toward digital marketing that are wide-spread globally and accelerated due to the outbreak of the COVID-19. As many attempts had been witnessed by our own iPECS partners, the digital way of promoting iPECS...

NO. 497 | Jun 22, 2020

Technical Supports Updates – May 2020

Technical supports updated for May 2020.   [iPECS] iPECS online marketing banners – iPECS Cloud series (May, 21) [iPECS UCM] iPECS UCM IP ATD V2.0Bp (May, 14) [iPECS UCP]  iPECS UCP Configurator – Unified 4.0 (v1.43V) (May, 19) [iPECS vUCP]...

NO. 496 | May 21, 2020

iPECS Training Webinar 2020

Ericsson-LG Enterprise has held iPECS Training Webinar from April 20th to 29th. Although, the idea and the initiatives came as a response measure to the outbreak of COVID-19, the impact and the effectiveness shown on the new attempt had yield...

NO. 495 | May 19, 2020

Technical Supports Updates – April 2020

[iPECS] 2020_iPECS banners compiled (April, 22) [iPECS] 2020_New product banners compiled (April, 22) [iPECS] iPECS Webinar 2020 presentation recording (April, 03) [iPECS] iPECS Webinar 2020 presentation materials (Mar, 30) [iPECS] Written Case Study – Hozelock in UK (April, 08) [iPECS...

NO. 494 | Apr 22, 2020