Since the late 2000s, the market for cloud services has boomed. The range of essential processes deliverable over the cloud continues to grow, and includes everything from file storage and accounting to project management.

Business communication is no exception. Cloud-hosted phone systems and unified communications (UC) platforms are increasingly a preferred option. At Ericsson-LG Enterprise, we have been at the forefront of this change.

As internet connectivity improves across the world, cloud is on a path to replace on-premise as the default option for business communication. Today we are explain why. This is our value proposition for iPECS Cloud, explaining some of the key benefits of this technology.

Unify communications

First, iPECS Cloud is a unified communications (UC) solution. This means it puts voice, video, and instant messaging in one single platform. The voice call remains key to customer experience, but all organizations need more options.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, videoconferencing has been normalized. Meanwhile, instant messaging platforms are quick, reliable ways for teams to collaborate, share work, and keep up to date. iPECS Cloud places all these core functions into one easy-to-use platform, boosting efficiency and opening up new possibilities for communication. 

Work anywhere

UC is also available on our on-premise solutions, but cloud really shines on flexibility. The platform is hosted offsite in premium data centers, and accessed via an internet connection. This means it is available anywhere.

Users can simply log in, and enjoy full access to all business communications. In the age of hybrid and remote work, this is especially useful. iPECS Cloud enables any organization to work remotely and function smoothly, from SME office teams to enterprise contact centers. 

Connect on any device

It is not just where you work that matters, but how you work. On this matter, iPECS Cloud offers total flexibility. Laptop and desktop users can log in via a web app – and thanks to WebRTC technology, they can do this on any browser without any downloads required.

It is equally flexible for roaming workers. Our cell phone app, iPECS ONE, runs on the iPECS Cloud platform and offers full UC functionality on tablet or cell phone. This takes the flexibility of iPECS Cloud to new levels.

Enhance collaboration

Teamwork is key to success. However, you need appropriate workflows to make it as efficient as possible. iPECS Cloud is ideal for this. You can set up instant messaging groups for any team or project, allowing stakeholders to share ideas and collaborate on files.

If you need to escalate that to an impromptu video call, all it takes is a single click. Scheduled video calls are just as easy. Simply book the attendees, and it can automatically sync with their Outlook calendars. These are the tools you need to make collaboration smooth, efficient, and successful.

Boost productivity

We have explained how iPECS Cloud can help streamline workflows. This is not the only way it can boost productivity. Accompanying apps like iPECS Analytics take this further.

Analytics gives you customizable reports and real-time dashboards on all call-related KPIs. This enables smarter, evidence-based decisions about how you manage resources and identify areas for improvement.

It is also possible to integrate the solution with most CRMs, which adds another layer of efficiency. This enables click-to-dial functionality for any contact, while inbound calls display the caller’s details from your CRM. These features save valuable seconds on every call. Add those seconds up for all calls, and it is a significant time saving.

Configure with ease

Another benefit of iPECS Cloud is in installation, configuration, and maintenance. All three are exceptionally easy, and in most cases can be done remotely.

Unlike on-premise systems, there is no physical infrastructure at all except the devices you use for calling. It simply relies on an internet connection, so there is no on-premise server or phone cable required. Configuration and customization are equally fast. This is especially useful for start-ups and more agile businesses that need to move quickly.

Scale easily

iPECS Cloud is also agile when it comes to scaling. If you plan recruit more people or acquire other businesses or locations, you need technology that moves with you. On-premise communication can slow this down. You may need to add new servers, cables, and other hardware, which costs time and money.

With iPECS Cloud, you simply need to add more licenses for the new users. This takes a few clicks, and the only cost is in the user licenses. This enables you to scale up at significantly greater speed and convenience.

Minimize infrastructure costs

All these benefits can produce cost savings too. This is because iPECS Cloud reduces your need for hardware. You do not need an on-premise server onsite, or any of the cabling that connects it to devices. You simply need an internet connection, and the devices you use to access the platform.

You can continue to use desk phones or cordless DECT solutions, but even these are not strictly necessary. iPECS Cloud enables softphone functionality. This means a fully functioning phone delivered over software to laptop or desktop. Thanks to the iPECS ONE app, your team can even operate it using cell phones or tablets. This opens the possibility of a true BYOD (bring your own device) workplace.

iPECS: your communications solution

We have shown how iPECS Cloud can boost efficiency, power collaboration, and maximize agility. This is why it is trusted and enjoyed by organizations of all sizes across the world. To find out more, speak to your nearest Ericsson-LG Enterprise Global Partner.