Business growth opens new possibilities, and new challenges. Successful growth could increase market share or open new markets, making your business more profitable and credible. But there are still potential hazards.  

Growth may multiply revenues, but it can also multiply costs if you do not manage it carefully. It could also multiply any inefficiencies in a business. This is why it is important to think strategically about how and when to expand. The technology you use is a significant part of this. 

In order to realize your growth plans, you need technology that supports them. And this is where cloud-hosted services shine, for one simple reason: scalability. 

Scalability vs. growth in business technology

Growth and scalability are closely related, but they differ in important ways. Your business grows if you recruit more people, branch into new locations, or acquire other another business. But while this may increase your revenue, it might also increase costs in proportion.

Scalability means increasing income at a faster rate than costs, making the growth more sustainable and reducing the risks. Cloud services complement this approach very well, because they do not require as much upfront capital expenditure. We can illustrate this with our communication platform, iPECS Cloud.

Introducing iPECS Cloud

iPECS Cloud, from Ericsson-LG Enterprise, is a full-featured unified communications (UC) solution that offers true flexibility. It provides voice, video, instant messaging, and more, all in a single platform.

What sets cloud services apart is how you access them. They are hosted offsite in data centers and accessed online. This means that you can access them from anywhere with an internet connection. 

iPECS Cloud takes this to new levels via the iPECS ONE app. Users can download this to any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. And thanks to WebRTC, you can even access it over a web browser without any downloads. This gives unparalleled flexibility and flexibility.

Why cloud technology offers more scalability

With a traditional on-premise PBX, scaling up can require significant capital expenditure. You may need to invest in a new PBX, as well as cabling and installation.

Thanks to its flexible nature, cloud is significantly easier to scale up. Whether you are adding new locations, acquiring another business, or simply recruiting new people, you just need to add new user licenses.

Those new licenses will sit on your existing platform, and you can easily separate users by site, as well as department. The same applies with iPECS ONE, and performance-boosting add-ons such as iPECS Analytics and call recording.

This supports growth in two ways. First, it involves less CAPEX than an on-premises solution. Second, it is much faster and more convenient. This means that if your business has aggressive expansion plans, iPECS Cloud provides the agility to make it possible.

How iPECS Cloud makes you ready for growth

The scalability of iPECS Cloud makes it ideal for businesses that are ready to expand. But it also supports your growth ambitions by increasing efficiency. This is what we will focus on next. 

Inefficiency is unwelcomed in any organization. If every day processes take too long, this harms productivity and ultimately limits your profits. This is true for even the smallest business. But in larger organizations, the cost of inefficiency is even greater.

This is why it is important to establish good processes before expansion. Communication is a great example of this. iPECS Cloud makes it easy to communicate efficiently. And since it is scalable, it is also suitable for smaller businesses as well as larger organizations.

How iPECS Cloud boosts efficiency 

First, it offers unified communications (UC). This means all channels of business communication are on one platform. Users can access voice, video, conferencing, instant messenger, and Outlook integration in one place, without having to switch between different tabs or screens. This alone saves time, and there are many other features that boost efficiency.

iPECS Cloud also integrates with all major customer relationship managers (CRMs), further streamlining your work. This enables click-to-call functionality, which speeds up outbound calls. With inbound calls, caller details will be displayed onscreen from your CRM. This means you will instantly know who is calling, as well as any notes you may have about them, before you answer – allowing your team to handle calls faster, and with more confidence.

There are also optional features such as iPECS Analytics, which is essential for any business that handles significant call volumes. Our Analytics solution provides rich insights into call related KPIs automatically, allowing you to manage resources intelligently and hone your approach.

Admins and managers can receive customizable reports at a frequency of their choosing, while there is also a wallboard function that displays performance metrics in real time. With Analytics, you can make smarter, evidence-based decisions about how you manage calls – boosting efficiency in a way that prepares your business for growth.

iPECS – your communication solution

iPECS Cloud is used across the world by businesses of all sizes, from small startups to multi-site, multinational enterprises. This is because of its efficiency-boosting features, and ability to scale instantly according to your needs.

To make your business ready for growth, contact your local iPECS Global Partner today.