Digital transformation is evidently bringing about a complete change. The new era that are now indisputably forcing us to adjust the new normal requires new paradigm with new means to be apply on our daily routine, business operation and communications.

Marketers need to continuously advance their thinking and actions to anticipate and adapt to digital-era marketplace demands for customer satisfaction. And they must reframe their core mindset to renew its lenses focused for the digital market.


“The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic”

– Peter Drucker


The emphasis from Peter Drucker has been projected by many corporates to highlight the rationale of failing digital marketing on the stubborn methodologies of the past, which hinders the revolutionary changes necessary in modern organizations. For the success in current marketing settings, corporates should be able to suggest a pragmatic resolution developing a new framework and to enforce for an actual execution that are designed with periodic schemes.

Marketers who are on the very frontier where customer and the market interact, should avoid the past industrial era perceptions, which will easily drag them to the traps of fighting for the adherence of the outdated. The efforts need to be persistent and continuously be enhanced. The borders between industries will be transparent, new players marketing entering will become an easy opportunity. Instead they embrace uncertainty, probe it for opportunity and acknowledge and mitigate the risk to win in this prevailing reality.


There are two main marketing trends to focus in digital era as “Digital Experience” and “Experience Marketing”.

Customers are in demand for experiencing the digital era by their own hands. QR code, easy finance service, face recognition and more of the digital technologies applied to make the loud claims skin-felt.

Through providing the experience to the customers, data accumulated will be the new opportunity gained. On-line presence and footprints will provide insights on the corporates’ products and services indirectly and directly shared customer’s purchasing journey and its subjective experience.

On-line marketing fine-tuned with such data will be a pathway for success. SNS marketing therefore will continue to be significant in sharing customer experiences on-line.

Ericsson-LG Enterprise will reflect these customer needs and market changes and have renewed company website in the beginning of 2020. The company and product websites will be the base for the promotion of ‘Digitizing Marketing’.

Leading business communications solution provider in this digital era, iPECS presents all solutions on the websites. In addition, updated information will be publicized to customers through newly formatted newsletter periodically.

The new websites will be utilized as a core platform of digital marketing, to further enhance digital experience delivered to our customers. Moreover, through our LinkedIn channel, we are open for the digital engagement to encompass every customer’s and partner’s needs to be reflected in the future digital quality contents.   

Digital business transformation is not a single occurring event. We must constantly respond to the changing market and accelerate the pace of change. We, Ericsson-LG Enterprise will adapt to the fast-pace changes to reflect new marketing strategies for capturing customer needs through our products and solution.

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