Businesses are always looking for the best ways to maximize efficiency. iPECS creates new opportunities to streamline your workflows, improve productivity and transform business agility. This article will explore how iPECS is a phenomenal tool for businesses looking to complete their digital transformation.

The Cloud-First Approach

The advanced auto-provisioning systems of iPECS Cloud provide a seamless setup process, giving you an all-in-one communications platform that’s ready to help you start your digital transformation journey. This efficient and frictionless setup process can be completed in minutes; the intuitive cloud management portal guides you through setting up your call flows, and many advanced features can be used instantly without any configuration or activation.

iPECS Cloud can be used from any internet connection, instantly unlocking flexible and agile working practices. iPECS Cloud ensures that the right tool for the job is never more than a few clicks away, revolutionizing your staff’s workflows and keeping colleagues communicating freely. Replicating the feel and environment of an office can be a struggle when working remotely. iPECS Cloud gives you the tools you need to promote close collaboration between teammates, even when they can’t be together.

Increase Your Business’s Resilience and Survivability

It is never enjoyable to think about the worst-case scenarios, but in business you must have a plan for every eventuality. iPECS makes disaster recovery simpler than it ever has been. With unique distributed architecture, the survivability of the iPECS platform is un-matched by any other on-site system. If disaster strikes and one of your offices is taken out of action, the intelligent routing systems automatically re-route all call traffic away from the affected site, ensuring business can carry on as usual.

iPECS Cloud takes the unique resilience of on-site iPECS systems and supercharges it by removing the need for any hardware to be housed in your offices. Accessible from any internet connection, the cloud technology of iPECS guarantees that your phones will keep ringing, no matter what.

Unify your Communications

iPECS offers Unified Communications features that no traditional analogue or ISDN system could match. iPECS includes advanced features like screen-sharing, video conferencing and instant messaging, in addition to state-of-the-art call handling features in the core PBX.

A perfect productivity aid for remote workers, iPECS Cloud promotes business efficiency by giving your staff the power to choose the best tool for the task at hand. Host team meetings from home with video conferencing features, share files or your screen to collaborate or present to colleagues or customers, and connect unobtrusively with your colleagues using friendly instant messages. The choice, at last, is yours.

Bring Your Own Device

Unlike traditional platforms, all features of iPECS are accessible through desktop and mobile apps, meaning there’s no longer any need for every user to be equipped with a deskphone. If you do decide to use a deskphone, the web portal allows you to assign hardware to users from dropdown menus, automatically configuring the phone once it’s connected to the internet and giving users access to unprecedented levels of customization through an intuitive interface.

iPECS frees you from the office. In the past, remote working would be synonymous with expensive call charges incurred by forwarding office calls to a mobile or landline number. Outbound calls would be even more restrictive, with no way to call customers and business contacts from your office number if you weren’t in your office. By letting you connect to your office system from your mobile, tablet or PC, with iPECS you’ll never struggle to communicate, no matter where you’re working from.


The benefits to businesses of embracing digital transformation are clear. Not only are digital and cloud systems more affordable to install and run than traditional equivalents, they offer greater reliability and far superior survivability than older systems. iPECS is the perfect aid for maximizing your productivity while working remotely, creating a virtual office environment in which your staff can thrive.