Call Analytics, growing importance in digital transformation era

Since the exceptionally challenging circumstances of the pandemic, we have all been changing the way we work. Remote working has become the new normal, and digital transformation in communication has been accelerating. While we saw a massive shift to digital channels as consumers did more browsing and shopping online, there is also an upward trend of people making phone calls this year. Phone calls still remain a preferred way of communication because they provide a simple and reliable personal interaction between a consumer and a business. In this increasingly digital world, there is one thing that will never change; the goal for businesses will always be to maximize user experience and customer satisfaction in order to gain a competitive advantage. For this constant truth, it’s imperative to track and analyze communications with customers, especially for voice calls, in order to constantly improve problematic areas.

Many companies overlook the importance of call analytics and the value it provides. Moreover, small businesses are burdened with the cost of adoption. A lot of data is accumulated from customer interactions, and the powerful insights gained through analyzing this data helps companies manage remote workforces better. Call analytics helps to maximize the experience and satisfaction of customers with increasingly high expectations.

iPECS Analytics, an essential tool for a competitive edge

iPECS Analytics is a cloud-based call analytics solution, providing end to end visibility of the performance of on-site as well as remote staff. Gain powerful insights through various pre-defined and flexibly customizable reports based on rich data from the tightly integrated iPECS Cloud UCaaS solution. iPECS Analytics is powerful, affordable, and simple for any business, especially as a call center solution for small businesses. In addition, responsive web design allows easy access through any device, anywhere at any time. iPECS Analytics comes in two feature packages with powerful historical reporting and live call analytics.

  • The Standard feature package supports essential features related to historical reporting and standard monitoring, suitable for any normal businesses.

    • Comprehensive pre-defined and flexibly customizable reports on Users, DDIs, Groups, ACD/Hunt Groups and Agents analyzing business critical KPIs like call volumes, missed calls and unreturned missed calls, wait times, talk time, service level and more.
    • Call trend analysis provides easy to read call trends grouped by daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. This helps you identify your peak times and when you have the most missed calls, allowing you to plan accordingly.
    • Call tracking analysis improves business efficiency by giving you a complete understanding of call handling from the beginning to end.
    • Call result analysis enables quick understanding of call failures and helps to identify the area for improvement.
  • The Advanced feature package includes all the features of the Standard package and adds real time reporting and a dashboard designed for call center teams and agents.

    • Live call monitoring for call center teams with an easy to read wallboard displaying a quick indication of critical KPIs. The wallboard is customizable and can display data like the number of calls queueing, longest wait time, missed calls, abandoned calls, service level and more.
    • Real-time performance of teams and agents, showing total calls, missed calls, wait time, hold time and talk time.
    • Detailed agent analytics lets you analyze live agent status and their performance, call activity and availability history reports per agent.


Take all the advantages of iPECS Analytics

Since it is a cloud-based solution, there is no separate installation required for iPECS Analytics, making it a fast, easy, and scalable solution. Small businesses can leverage all the advantages of iPECS Analytics at a low cost. Full integration with the iPECS Cloud UCaaS solution gives greater advantages by enabling easier deployment and richer analytics than any standalone call reporting solutions.

  • Cloud based call analytics are powerful and easy to use yet affordable, with no upfront cost.
  • Fully integrated with iPECS Cloud UCaaS making deployment simple and fast and providing richer analytics with detailed call result analysis.
  • Built-in call center solution together with iPECS Cloud, offering a complete solution for call centers with IVR, call recording, ACD routing, CRM integration, call reporting and live monitoring.
  • Boost productivity and maximize customer satisfaction by more effectively managing people and processes. Make wiser business decisions on staffing, call distribution flows, processes and training with the powerful insights gained with iPECS Analytics.

As mentioned earlier, customer interactions generate a lot of data. When this data is turned into valuable insights through call analytics, it gives you the power to understand your business like never before. iPECS Analytics helps you make effective business decisions, maximize efficiency, optimize staffing and team structures and improve customer service. Thanks to the Cloud, it is also available to small businesses at a low cost.

So, what are you waiting for? Deploy iPECS Analytics to grow your business today by taking all the advantages of advanced call analysis.