If your business has been working remotely recently, you may well have encountered a few problems with your communications technology. Working from home can highlight weaknesses in your current communications technology; whether it’s outdated and difficult to scale, has limited remote collaboration features, or is difficult to access from outside the office, the wrong technology can inhibit growth and make working from home tricky.

This article explores how iPECS revolutionizes remote work. From ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) policies to remote call center management, iPECS can truly transform the way you think of technology.

iPECS enables a Bring Your Own Device culture, allowing your teams to work from any device.

By eliminating the need for your staff to take a desk phone home with them, iPECS helps keep your workforce in touch and collaborating.

Available on desktop PCs and all major smartphone platforms, iPECS UCS and UCE put all the features of iPECS at your staff’s fingertips. This removes a good deal of the logistical pressure of working from home; desktop and smartphone apps give your staff the flexibility to create their own workspace without compromising functionality.

Being able to pick your work up from anywhere you’ve got an internet connection is one of the key benefits of a Unified Communications platform like iPECS. In fact, in a recent study of IT professionals, 59% agreed that Bring Your Own Device policies give a competitive advantage to businesses. With home and remote working becoming far more commonplace, employing technology that allows your staff to work from any device is crucial to success.

New methods of collaborating across distance

iPECS includes advanced communication features like video calling, file sharing and screen sharing. These tools bring your staff closer together, giving your business a “virtual office” to work from.

Working from home can be isolating without the right technology. The tools included with iPECS promote collaboration across distance by giving your staff the ability to choose the most appropriate tool for the job.

Whether that means sharing your screen with a colleague for some quick input on a project, hosting a video conference for a team meeting or asking a few questions in an instant messaging chat, iPECS puts the power in your hands. It’s the perfect companion for your company’s flexible future.

 Central communications hub

The central presence and status panel in iPECS let you see who’s online, who’s available and where they’re working from. By displaying this information in one area, iPECS gives you an instant overview not unlike looking around the office to see who’s in.

These features are essential to make working remotely successful. Calling the wrong person, or someone who’s not online, can waste the valuable time of your staff and customers. The presence and status panels continue to be useful even after you return to the office; click or press on your colleague’s name to instantly start a conversation. No more wondering around the office looking for one of your co-workers!

Remotely manage a complex operation

Until recently, managing a call or contact center remotely would have been an impossibility. The high call volumes and numbers of agents traditionally demanded robust on-site management and systems. With the rise of remote working through 2020, businesses have had to adapt to new environments.

This is where iPECS offers tremendous value. Not only does it have powerful reporting and analytics tools built-in, but it integrates natively with a huge variety of third-party software like CRMs to both transform workflows and improve accountability, efficiency and productivity.

Click-to-dial and screen-popping features can be enabled on most CRMs, saving valuable time for your agents when contacting customers or looking for database records. Analytics and reporting modules allow managers to keep an eye on the performance of their teams, and state-of-the-art recording and monitoring solutions make maintaining quality control a breeze.

Scalable on demand

Working from home often goes hand-in-hand with shifting demand for your services. Some businesses have seen interest and demand for their services explode while working remotely, which is a great problem to have, but can be challenging to solve without deploying the right technology.

Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s proprietary protocols make expansion simple. Using iPECS, new users can be added in minutes, letting you get new starters up and running in record time. Built-in provisioning systems let you deploy hardware to your new users in just a few clicks and can even let you remotely configure an iPECS UCS and UCE smartphone app to connect to your system.

Expanding has never been so simple; with power like this, all you need to know to get started with iPECS is how many users you need to cater to right now. When adding more users is as simple as a few clicks, technology starts working for you, making planning for the future easy.


With advanced technology and intelligent solutions, iPECS is the perfect companion for a modern, digital business. Flexible, scalable, and accessible, deploying iPECS to your staff may be the smartest business decision you can make.