It’s that time of year when companies look back and reflect and plan ahead. With that in mind, we decided to consult the Pragma crystal ball and look at some of the trends we expect to see in the channel landscape.


We think these are five trends that we will shape the channel in 2022:

We are all becoming SaaS companies

As-a-Service is now the dominant business model in the channel. The organisations that are winning and will keep winning have adapted to this and follow a subscription strategy. The technology mindset is Cloud, but the business model mindset is “as-a-service”. Make sure your sales, marketing, technical and service delivery teams can articulate and deliver the value of cloud and “as-a-service” and are optimised to deliver it.

Digital customer experience is critical

Those who invest will win – it’s as simple as that! The pandemic was the trigger for organisations to invest in digital transformation. People now expect you to have this sorted, deliver a smooth digital experience, and handle any future disruptions from the pandemic. Make sure your digital customer experience is embedded in your processes and organisation and you are primed to be the trusted advisor on how to deliver this for your customers.

Customer acquisition is now

As savvy resellers have spent the last 24 months securing their base and upgrading their customers to Cloud, it will be time to focus on attacking the competition. Ensure you are advanced in your base upgrade programmes and focus on acquiring new business. Fighting on two fronts is tough, so make sure you have a plan.

Talent war

The war for sales talent is raging across the tech sector. Skills are in higher demand than ever, and finding new people is becoming more challenging. The critical challenge for resellers is to retain your people and make sure you can differentiate and offer people something different for staying with you or you are worth making a move for. What is your proposition to new talent looking at your business?

Sales merge with marketing

Salespeople will increasingly need to focus on self-generated leads and not rely on telemarketing or being fed with digital leads. The best salespeople will have strong marketing instincts and utilise a range of digital tools and platforms such as LinkedIn to ensure they have a constant pipeline of opportunities to work.


At Pragma, we work hard in supporting our resellers with Ericsson-LG Enterprise which has been innovating and continuing the iPECS transformation journey whatever the challenges, trends and opportunities in the market.  We would love to learn more about your business and how we can play a role in helping you grow in 2022 and beyond.