Technical training for iPECS systems and applications held at Ericsson-LG Enterprise Anyang R&D center from November 4th to 20th.

During the 12-day course, 32 engineers from 15 countries had the installation and system operation training for new and upgraded products and 6they could get technical ability to clear technical issues in the field.

The training courses were provided in four tracks.

  •  Session 1: iPECS eMG800, Unified P1.2, DECT & WiFi, LIP9000
  •  Session 2: Unified P2, UCS P5, DECT Multi-Zone, Report+, IPCR P2.0, IP-ATD P2.1,
  •  Session 3: iPECS Cloud P2
  •  Session 4: iPECS-CM P5.5

Additionally, the engineers from 15 countries shared their various technical experience and had the Q&A session with iPECS research engineer in Ericsson-LG Enterprise.


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