Ericsson-LG Enterprise are providing a series of iPECS QuickStart Guide videos, which will booster user experience by introducing major features in iPECS Cloud ensuring simply and easy iPECS solution’s utility. Pragma Distribution, partner of Ericsson-LG Enterprise in UK, has contributed to make this series of quick start guide and we appreciate their efforts.

The web browser provided with iPECS solution, enables easy configuration wherever you are, boosting productivity. These guide video contents will direct you smoothly on utilizing iPECS solution with step by step video instructions from installations to information you need for better system operation. Installing 1000i series and information to fully enjoy its features are illustrated in detail in the guide.

The video uploaded to the iPECS channel in YouTube this time consists of four major categories:

  • Video user guides for iPECS 1000i series
  • Essential information to install and use iPECS 1000i series such as ‘Finding MAC address’ and ‘Creating a conferencing call’
  • Quick start guide for iPECS UCE on iPECS Cloud (IOS, Android and Window)
  • Video contents describing how to use main menu of iPECS Cloud Portal

Our customers of iPECS Cloud solution can simply follow the video instruction so the process of installation and operation be like a breeze. Some features may have been too techy for first encounters to fully exploit its merits. However, with the guidance provided one can maximize with simply customization step by step for enhanced user experience. Customer service time can be saved and more importantly customer time can be saved. Especially in times of current COVID-19 pandemic environment, site visiting is minimized.

Ericsson-LG Enterprise will continue to create and planning to upload useful contents which our customers will find helpful for their smooth use of our solution. So, do visit our iPECS YouTube channel and check out the QuickStart guide series for maximizing satisfaction of your user experience. Our partners may contact us, for the materials’ source files, for localization.