At Ericsson-LG Enterprise, we are always striving to share important information with our community of global partners. As in-person events are still largely inaccessible for many of our partners, we created the iPECS insights series of webinars to stay connected.

These monthly presentations help us to share the latest information with our partners in an interactive and inspirational way. iPECS Insights began in 2020 and we have hosted webinars in 2022 to date. We take a look at highlights of these fantastic presentations from 2022 so far.


iPECS Insights 2022 began in March with a webinar hosted by Ericsson-LG Enterprise iPECS Solution Expert, Hangsuk Cho. he event provided attendees with a detailed look at the new updates coming to the iPECS Unified platform in version 6.0. Hangsuk also provided his tips on how to best use some of the key features of the Unified platform.

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April’s webinar was hosted by Yuno Jung, Head of International sales at Ericsson-LG Enterprise, and also featured Heejeong Lee, Senior UX designer. Yuno’s presentation discussed new ways of working and how iPECS ONE can enable the creation of a hybrid workplace.

Yuno also welcomed Heejeong Lee to the webinar, who introduced to attendees the design principles that shaped the UX of iPECS ONE. Heejeong explained the three values that iPECS ONE’s design is based upon.

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Partners were welcomed to May’s webinar by HM Lee, Head of Product Lifecycle Management at Ericsson-LG Enterprise. May’s session was designed as a follow-up webinar to the 2022 Partner Meeting, to answer the key questions raised by partners during the event.

Jinho Choi, KS Choi, Minsoo Park and Symon Park responded to feedback on the iPECS solutions.

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June’s webinar was hosted by Ericsson-LG Enterprise Head of International Sales Yuno Jung, together with Account Manager of US, Chuck Ferber. June’s session of Insights centered around how businesses can build value using the new virtualized UCP platform.

uno first gave a brief overview of what iPECS vUCP is. iPECS vUCP is a software-based call server, running on VMware’s virtual environment. It allows businesses to replace their physical call servers with ones that are hosted remotely. This unlocks a range of features and benefits, and Yuno next took a look at the value proposition.

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The next iPECS insight session will be hosted in August, after the summer break. We hope to welcome you then to share your thoughts and learn from our industry experts.