At Ericsson-LG Enterprise, we are always striving to share important information with our community of global partners. As in-person events are still largely inaccessible for many of our partners, we created the iPECS insights series of webinars to stay connected.

These monthly presentations help us to share the latest information with our partners in an interactive and inspirational way. iPECS Insights began in 2020 and we have hosted five webinars in 2021 to date. We take a look at highlights of these fantastic presentations from 2021 so far.


iPECS Insights 2021 began in February with a webinar hosted by Ahed Alkhatib, Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s Global Head of Sales & Marketing. This presentation was focused on how a subscription-based model can help both partners and customers to gain more value from their services.

Assisted by guest speaker Will Morey from UK partner Pragma, Ahed explained that customers now require a great experience alongside their products, and this is best delivered through a subscription model.

Will explained how Pragma went from having zero recurring revenue streams to having Cloud subscriptions as a core part of their offering. Will explained some of the many benefits as well as the challenges of switching to a subscription-based model. Users especially love receiving future innovations and updates as soon as they were available.

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March’s presentation was hosted by Philip Jung, a Subject Matter Expert with great experience on the iPECS Cloud platform. Philip used March’s Insights to introduce the latest updates heading to iPECS Cloud in 2021 and beyond.

Philip began the webinar with a full overview of iPECS ONE; he introduced many of iPECS ONE’s features and explained its role as the successor of UCE and iPECS Meetings. One main focus of this section was to highlight the flexibility of WebRTC as well as the many ways you can collaborate and share content with internal and external users through iPECS ONE.

Philip also introduced the updates coming to iPECS Cloud’s Contact Centre Solution as well as highlights from iPECS Cloud’s 4.0 update, including Analytics and MS Teams Integration.

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Partners were welcomed to April’s webinar by Hyoungmin Lee, Head of Product line management at Ericsson-LG Enterprise. April’s session was designed as a follow-up webinar to the 2021 Product Managers Meeting, to answer the key questions raised by partners during the event. Hyoungmin began the presentation by answering questions asked by partners during the Partner Meeting that related to the new iPECS ONE platform.

April’s insights session acted as a way for Channel partners to further collaborate and share their views with the Ericsson-LG Enterprise team and gave our team a platform to clarify the updates coming to the iPECS portfolio soon.

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Partners were welcomed to May’s webinar by Gyein Shin, Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s Account Manager for the UK. May’s session was designed to show how the UK has achieved great success in the cloud market, despite the challenging circumstances of the past year. Gyein was joined by Pragma’s Managing Director, Tim Brooks to share his insights on how the UK cloud market has adapted.

Tim explained that by focusing on converting on-premise customers to cloud, launching iPECS ONE and continuing their focus on strong customer care Pragma continued to thrive and stand-out from the competition.

Gyein also introduce key case studies, demonstrating how Ericsson-LG Enterprise partners in the UK market adapted to help businesses in this country thrive during a difficult time.

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June’s edition of insights was hosted by Peter Williamson, known as Willow, from Aria Technologies. This webinar explained how Aria’s recent strategic approach has allowed them to thrive in a crowded Australian communications market.

Willow’s presentation highlighted that providing a standout voice solution was the key to Aria’s success during a difficult year. Ericsson-LG Enterprise’s product portfolio allowed them to provide communication, collaboration connectivity and continuity to a huge range of businesses, no matter how they fared in the difficult past year.

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The next iPECS insight session will be hosted in August. We hope to welcome you then to share your thoughts and learn from our industry experts.