We are very excited to announce the new version of iPECS Cloud is now ready. iPECS Cloud developed by Ericsson-LG Enterprise is now released to phase 3.5, continuously reshaping its composition for improvement. iPECS Cloud 3.5 is now brought to the market with new hardware and software as well as several critical enhancements on usability that can surely elevate customer experience from all dimensions.

Customizable multi-layered cloud portal

iPECS Cloud incorporates a multi-layered management tool for reducing time and operation expenses. The management GUI, which is web based is easy and intuitive for all resource’s management. The intuitive interface looks and acts the same on any device. The back-end portal is for iPECS Cloud business partners or service providers that guides the configuration and ordering process handy. For the end customer or on-site IT managers, front-end portal is provided for all layer’s management. Users can customize the portal interface and make it best fit for one’s use purpose.


SIP&TDM trunk simultaneous support

iPECS Cloud 3.5 update provides for your choice of all communication technologies as IP, Digital or even Analogue. What comes to be the game changer for iPECS Cloud is that you can gradually adapt to the latest technology by using a bit of mix. Simply, the solution let you use multiple technologies simultaneously.


Streamlined auto-provisioning

Plug and play type of installation is to be expected on iPECS Cloud. Installation thereby is easy and further made easier from streamlining and auto-provisioning of your terminals. The phones will be automatically registered accordingly to the pre-organized database.


New iPECS 1000i series support

The newly released terminal line up, iPECS 1000i series with the latest fashion and technology will be just as easy to be installed on your site.


Voicemail mobile portal

In addition, from 3.5 update iPECS Cloud brings the voicemail portals to be available on any device, so to become more mobile friendly. Now iPECS Cloud provides voicemail mobile portal. The portal allows you to check and manage your voicemail box letting it be reachable anywhere and anytime on any device.


Scheduled DB update

Moving your communication and all the data storage up in the cloud is safer than doing so on physical servers and systems installed on your site. The DB is backed up periodically with planned schedules.


Survivability support

By placing survivability and redundancy measures, your service is live and still running even on unexpected malfunctioning incidents. iPECS Cloud is updated to be more reliable.


New terminals and new software features from iPECS Cloud 3.5 update enhances the iPECS Cloud solution to be more stable, secure and easy to use. On iPECS Cloud 3.5 and onward Ericsson-LG Enterprise is also putting a lot of resources on strengthening its compatibility and flexibility to have value adding applications integrated. With the constant improvements, we hope to grow the iPECS Cloud ecosystem to find and settle on a setting that comes as natural when business proceeds with its daily operations. We will continue to provide winning solution to our partners and customers.