Ericsson-LG Enterprise held three rounds of iPECS training through webinars from April 5 to April 23 (12 days, 2 hours a day). More than 124 iPECS technicians from around the world participated, and the training session was operated in two time zones to account for local time differences (one of which was a recorded video transmission).

The course was conducted across three main sessions.

The first session, ‘SMB Client Device Application’, required completion of an online eMG100 Specialist Training program (including certificate acquisition). The contents of the eMG100 and Unified SW were then supplemented by a Q&A. In addition, the upgraded Unified SW, IP Phone 1000i, IPCR, and CCX Report Plus were also introduced to attendees for training.

In the second session, iPECS UCM version 4.0, IP DECT, and more in-depth information on problem solving with these solutions was conducted.

The last session involved training on iPECS Cloud version 4.0 and also introduced UC & Collaboration solutions; iPECS ONE in particular. The content of this session related to iPECS ONE’s feature base and the new iPECS Analytics solution. This session was designed to improve the quality of training by preparing scenario situations and educational videos.

Participants thanked Ericsson-LG Enterprise for its efforts to maximize the realism of the training course, while expressing regret over the limitations of still not being able to practice the training content in person.

Ericsson-LG Enterprise will continue to support global partners who share our technical expertise. The passion of our global iPECS partners will continue to ensure the quality of our engineering services.