In January 11th, Ericsson-LG Enterprise held ‘Collaboration 2017’ event to foster sales promotions’ strategic alignment at GS tower located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea. The event was attended by over 150 business partners including iPECS’ dedicated, associated and related partners to be shared of the 2017 sales strategy and iPECS UCM, iPECS FMX, Security switch introductions. In addition, partners also presented sessions for data network solution from ‘Ubiqouss’, video conferencing from ‘uPrisim’, and wireless LAN solution from ‘Davolink’.

The first official session began with a welcome speech followed by the sales strategy of 2017. Seung Do Lee, the division head of sales department highlighted with the commitment: “We are facing a dynamic market and we tried many winning sales strategies to address them accordingly. Last year came the new generation of IP PBX, iPECS UCM and R&D efforts had its focus on the mobile public administration solution, iPECS FMX. And lastly to strengthen our data portfolio we’ve launched security Layer 2 switches. Now that we are ready, this year will be promoting strategies to win sales. Tough times are when we focus to improve quality of our portfolio and to deliver optimized solutions and thereby achieving co-growth with our partners.”.

The consecutive session went on to the details of the mentioned products. The iPECS UCM, iPECS FMX, and data switches.
iPECS UCM is presented to be an enterprise grade solution as an upgraded version of iPECS CM, inheriting IPT solution which combines voice and data, and to include ACT-ACT redundancy service to elevate stability and security. The newly designed media gateway cabinet for iPECS UCM can occupy 11 slots to its maximum, architected for better flexibility to diversify solution compositions.

iPECS FMX, that are targeted to be coupled with iPECS UCM, is a customized version of iPECS UCE that are specifically for administrative organizations who benefits the most from the convergence of wire and wireless telephony services to improve operation productivity. This application will free workers from the physical boundaries and time limits, supporting anytime and anywhere workplace environment.

The last category, the newly launched L2 security switch enables faster and more secure network service. The switches will be equipped with uStar (Unified Secure Traffic Assurance) security engines so to have protections from threats as Dos/DDos. L2 security switch line-ups will be provided with U-SeMS (Unified-Security element Management System) to help IT managers to simplify the complex network managements.

Lastly, the three partners who presented their solutions also have shared market trends and dynamics in each player’s domain. Respectively, ‘Ubiqouss’, ‘Uprisim’, and ‘Davolink’ shared their strategy to capture the market and the attendees had a good chance to broaden the perspectives that also included outside of IPT market. The event brought various ideas and opportunities among partners through cooperation and collaborations.

Closing the event, Seung Do Lee gave thanks to the partners for participating, stating: “the new products will be with Go-To-Market strategy to deliver the best business communication solution to our customers.”


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