Ericsson-LG Enterprise has held iPECS Training Webinar from April 20th to 29th. Although, the idea and the initiatives came as a response measure to the outbreak of COVID-19, the impact and the effectiveness shown on the new attempt had yield significant results with around 160 attendees participating from all global iPECS engineers. The sessions had been spread out in 3 sperate trainings for ‘SMB Client Device Application’, ‘LME’ and ‘Cloud’ respectively as main topics.

The first session on ‘SMB Client Device Application’ had its highlight on the new product offerings from Ericsson-LG Enterprise; the iPECS eMG100 with newly release Unified 4.0 software, iPECS 1000i series IP phones, and iPECS CCX Report Plus as well as updated version of iPECS IPCR.
The second session, however, were more in-depth training for iPECS UCM Phase 3.0. It had the feature demonstrations of Digit Analysis, Numbering plan and DN as well as sVPCM, E-VMS, E-SBC.

The last session was on iPECS Cloud, especially on the new applications and features updated from Phase 3.5. iPECS CCC were finally introduced, in addition to the presentation on the other significant, value adding features of the cloud platform such as OMS, EMS and Ordering processes.

Attendees reviewed the webinar sessions as more efficient in terms of not having to internationally travel. In addition, the trainer, MR. Gabyoung Lee, commented that under such circumstances, this digital interaction would be the best alternative. Although for many engineers may be more used to face to face training, webinars could be our new normal in the post-COVID19 era.

Ericsson-LG Enterprise will continuously support our global partners on the knowledge sharing of our technical expertise. With the passion of our global iPECS partners, our engineering service quality will continue to be ensured.